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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team July Horoscopes with Joanne Hope

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

July Horoscopes with Joanne Hope

Joanne Hope brings this month’s horoscopes, showing us what we have ahead of us in the upcoming summer month with some nail inspirations for your summer looks.

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♈ Aries

Summertime will open up your mind to endless possibilities and bring you out of your comfort zone. July speaks of new beginnings for you as it’s time to take action now so you can benefit the most by using your magical personality to mesmerise others and get them onboard with your plans, career is very well starred, so go for it Aries. Jupiter is in your sign after a 10 year wait, so make the most of it’s influence, as they say ‘let the good times roll’ have fun and enjoy yourself. Be by the sea whenever you can to recharge your spiritual battery. Love can be heavenly if you follow your dreams and only choose a suitor who can accept your worth and treat you right. 

Lucky Colour   Blue

Lucky Crystal  Blue Agate

♉ Taurus 

July is the month to be out and about giving others your own brand of personal kindness, perhaps being an influencer is a suitable position for you, but certainly planet Jupiter’s affectionate nature bestows blessings on you this summer as a thank you for the goodness you show to others. Matters of the heart are featuring more and more now, so be brave as Venus your ruling planet’s influence helps you to invest in your love and romantic life so you can really enjoy all the good times that are coming, accept invitations and do all your favourite things. Your career will take a turn for the better and will be challenging you to step out of your comfort zone and improve your prospects by showing you are the best at what you do, don’t be shy. 

Lucky Colour   White

Lucky Crystal  Quartz

♊ Gemini 

Love is in the air and because you haven’t given up hope you can benefit now from the beneficial aspects of Jupiter the planet of blessings in your life as a new love can make your spirit sparkle. Being a perfectionist you can really create a world for yourself where you feel like you have all that you’ve ever wanted. Building your career requires you to climb the steps of success but you will feel truly triumphant when you reach the top, then you will have plenty of time to include lots of your friends and loved ones in celebrating and sharing your good fortune. 

Lucky Colour   Green

Lucky Crystal  Tourmaline 

♋ Cancer 

Birthday wishes and big dreams are coming this month, July is going to herald a summer of special surprises for you as you meet with impressive and important contacts that come into your life and also come to mean a lot to you in the future. Family and friends will be giving you support as they can all see you are meant to be a star. Jupiter will bring you that extra luck to really boost your popularity and let the whole world know you have arrived and are ready to shine like the star you are.  Love will be clearer when you think about what it is you really want from a relationship, be gentle with yourself as there is no rush to a finishing line, a soulmate will always appear when the time is right. 

Lucky Colour   Pink

Lucky Crystal  Rose Quartz 

♌ Leo

Bright and beautiful are the Leo vibes this July, if you have a birthday this month your wishes will be granted and you can really rely on Lady Luck to be in your corner. Get out and about for entertainment, you will brighten up anyones day and make them smile. Rely on yourself to keep the magic going in your love life and you can really make a heavenly relationship work. Be aware you are the regal sign of the zodiac and can charm the birds off the trees. Your career will benefit from Jupiter’s influence as a cash boost that is hard earned but readily welcomed comes after a difficult time. Believe in you and everything you stand for and all will be well in Leo’s world.

Lucky Colour   Red

Lucky Crystal  Garnet

♍ Virgo 

The stars align and look amazing, good vibrations are all around you and stimulate your senses to explore the possibilities that are given to you. Blessed is a Virgo who thinks about everyone else’s happiness before themselves, the good karma stored up from your past actions will come back tenfold and you will find others will be putting you first for a change, just to show you are much appreciated for your efforts. Your love life will become more stable and expanding your family is in the stars. Your work will attract the attention of those in power who will reward you for your dedication and good results.

Lucky Colour   Silver

Lucky Crystal  Moonstone 

♎ Libra

You are dancing with the stars this July Libra, as you catapult yourself into the limelight and find you are received with a standing ovation, feeling confident and showing your intellectually adept, you will take big strides in your career. Fun is on the agenda and the more you plan some good times the more you will have them. Don’t worry if love is confusing as the one who loves you the most will show it and then you can move into a much better position in your love life. Being relaxed is something you need to be more in your life, so take that holiday as soon as you can to recharge your energy and release any past tension, you will feel so much better and will be ready to deal with anything that comes your way.

Lucky Colour  Yellow

Lucky Crystal  Citrine

♏ Scorpio 

Intense and exciting are the feelings you will be experiencing when you see that you have managed to turn everything around to your advantage. Summer will be bringing out the best in you as you take off to a sunshine destination, a well needed break after working so hard and achieving so much. Nothing can stop you now in your career, you are on your way to greatness and it will not be long before you are in high demand. Love will show you there is hope for you to achieve your hearts desire. It is important to talk about what you really want and how you really feel, you can find a very equal balance in your lifestyle by using the best formula of work, rest and play with a bigger emphasis in July on play. Let the good times begin!

Lucky Colour   Orange

Lucky Crystal  Carnelian 

♐ Sagittarius 

The travel bug will be getting all Sagittarius individuals this July, it’s like a beautiful beach is waiting for you and has your name on it. Strutting your stuff you will be feeling good and brighter about the future. Keep your own counsel at work and lead the way forward as you are someone who has an intelligence that is forward thinking and will know the answers even before the questions are asked. Let love guide you as it is better to have a relaxed attitude and an open heart so you can feel all the love coming your way.

Lucky Colour  Turquoise 

Lucky Crystal Jade

♑ Capricorn 

Home renovation spells increased domestic happiness for the down to earth Capricorn. You will be feeling more positive about life as the summer has finally arrived and you can spend some time outdoors relaxing. Whether your plans are to go on holiday or stay at home in the garden you can make your happy place anywhere but usually Capricorn feels more grounded at home with all of the latest mod cons. Love will find a way as you can rely on affectionate gestures coming your way from someone that admires you and loves your splendid ways, so couple up and enjoy happy days ahead. Let your career shape itself and follow your inclinations as you are going in the right direction now and will reap all the rewards from your past efforts, well done you!

Lucky Colour   Purple

Lucky Crystal  Amethyst 

♒ Aquarius

Broadening your horizons comes naturally to you now, as Jupiter’s beneficial influence bestows its blessings on you, it helps you to follow your heart and gets you to the far away destinations you have been dreaming about. Brave and inspiring describes your attitude to your career, you have been working hard and so you deserve the helpful hand of destiny that can smooth out your path ahead and make your working world more rewarding. Love can get complicated this month, as which path to take is confusing, but with a lot of passionate dialogue you can turn things around and find the happiness and fulfilment you seek.

Lucky Colour   Gold

Lucky Crystal  Fools gold

♓ Pisces

Seeing the bigger picture in love helps you to fill in all the finer details of what you want, you may be getting excited about what the future can bring now as life is looking up and even lady luck is bringing her helpful influence contributing to your personal happiness. Cash is king as they say and you will be feeling better about your finances as you attract more of it into your life. Spiritual matters close to your heart will be highlighted this month as summertime brings out your natural inclination to be in nature more, so take a break and sit or walk amongst the trees, go by the ocean and meditate to clear your mind, you are most intuitive when in this relaxed state, so bring home all the gems you retrieve in your meditation and apply them to your daily life.

Lucky Colour  Sea Green 

Lucky Crystal  Opal

Horoscopes by Joanne Hope

Header Image: Nails By Hanin


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