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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team July Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

July Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

♈️ Aries
July can open doors in your career so this can be a special time for you, bask in the sunshine of success, you deserve it. Children and animals can be very lucky for you and doing anything to help them will always lift their spirits and bring you joy and good karma. In your love life, there is a shift in the pattern of events and you are surprised at just how loved you are. Making the right decisions sees the loveable Aries feeling happy and blessed. Wear orange for luck and a fire agate crystal for new beginnings, emotional balance and confidence. 
Lucky Colour   OrangeLucky Crystal  Fire Agate 

♉️ Taurus
Living in harmony with your ideal life is what July brings Taurus, making lots of good choices has fared you well and now you can truly benefit from the self-love and confidence you have gained. Love is simple for you, no complications or misunderstandings, just love and respect. In terms of work, better opportunities you have worked hard to get are presenting themselves, be ready as destiny will deliver you to the best possible outcome. Wear white for luck and moonstone for self-discovery, love, and connection to the feminine. 
Lucky Colour   WhiteLucky Crystal.  Moonstone 

♊️ Gemini
Summer fun and overseas adventures are well starred for you Gemini, escape to those faraway places and light the fire of romance with your soulmate. Marriage and commitment are indicated and the stars align to create a relationship that will make you stronger and happier than ever. Listen to others when it comes to the ethos of being a workaholic, and let yourself know it’s ok to take time off sometimes without feeling like you have to work even harder and put pressure on yourself. Wear red for luck and a ruby crystal will promote knowledge and wealth, protection for the home, possessions and your family. 
Lucky Colour   RedLucky Crystal  Ruby

♋️ Cancer
It’s your birthday and July takes off with a bang, exciting opportunities just keep on coming, hold your nerve and understand you are getting closer to your dreams and only you know the secret of how to make them come true. Your intuition will always reveal the way forward, you are about to see you are creatively unstoppable. It’s your birthday month so celebrate the love of yourself, and treat yourself, do something amazing. Love can turn you upside down but remember, true love will always make itself known no matter what the circumstances. Wear gold for luck and a diamond crystal for everlasting love and positive energy. 
Lucky Colour   GoldLucky Crystal  Diamond 

♌️ Leo
Happy birthday to Leo born in July, myself included!. Leo’s sensitive side is working overtime this month as love is very important to you and your family is just as close. July is just the beginning of making sure you are in a great position with all of your ducks in a row, It’s time for your confidence to soar and finish off what you’ve started at the beginning of the year. It’s your time to come out of seclusion into the limelight where you belong, and don’t worry fate will put you there. Love is also dictated by fate and you can rest assured you will be with the one you are meant to be with. Wear green for luck and an emerald crystal for domestic bliss, inspiration and unconditional love. 
Lucky Colour   Green Lucky Crystal  Emerald 

♍️ Virgo
July brings you a message of hope, knowing you are always needed and appreciated generates a feeling of belonging, we all have our place and purpose in the universe and this month reveals yours. Heartfelt optimism can bring joy and extraordinary events that excite you into creating something special and new in your career. The perfection of the Virgo is second to none!. In love, you can make someone else’s heart beat faster every time you meet, let your heart lead the way to a happier future. Wear blue for luck and a sapphire crystal for wealth, spiritual insight and protection. 
Lucky Colour    Blue Lucky Crystal   Sapphire 

♎️ Libra 
The optimist in you can bring out the best in others this month, dealing with the best-case scenario is always a good idea, the way forward is not always obvious, but to the enchanting libra nothing is too difficult, and the way ahead is always obvious! Who knows what tomorrow brings, but the lovable Libra will always feature somewhere, giving a helping hand whenever it is needed. In love, you will appreciate the bond you have and know this is ‘the one’. Wear yellow for luck and a citrine crystal for abundance prosperity, and emotional wellbeing. 
Lucky Colour   Yellow Lucky Crystal  Citrine 

♏️ Scorpio
Keeping an eye on the financial position you are in will bring much satisfaction, the growth you experience throughout July will not only affect your approach but will also impact the way you view the future and your ambitious plans, all for the betterment of your life. Embracing your dreams seems like a very good idea for the discerning Scorpio. In love, you can follow the path of least resistance and be able to have a stable love life full of happiness and pleasure. Wearing purple for luck and an opal crystal for hope, inner peace and affection, the opal creates harmony between couples. 
Lucky Colour   Purple Lucky Crystal   Opal

♐️ Sagittarius 
July will open the door to a new opportunity that will challenge you in one way but will be the making of you in another. Your career has taken a turn for the better and the fact is you will be much more successful than you originally imagined, keep your feet on the ground and your head held up high, setting your sights on your goals and achieving them will bring you the satisfaction and success you seek. Somebody gets your heart racing and there is a real chemistry between you, the summer sun brings its sunshine into your love life and lets romance out to play, so play! Wear silver for luck and a moonstone crystal for new beginnings, to enhance your intuition, good fortune in business and love. 
Lucky Colour    SilverLucky Crystal   Moonstone

♑️ Capricorn 
As July gets underway time seems to be moving so quickly, grab the bull by the horns, you can successfully launch your ideas and the response you get will be amazing. The future will be bright for all concerned, a team effort helps your career go from strength to strength. Marriage and all things to do with love may well be happening in your world and can be the making of you, there is nothing more important than to be happy, Capricorns, especially being an earth sign, can be the rock in their partner’s life, you are that rock!. Wearing black for luck and a black obsidian crystal for the removal of stress, gives you courage and good luck. 
Lucky Colour    Black Lucky Crystal   Black Obsidian 

♒️ Aquarius
You’ve shown your true ability now Aquarius, stepping up the pace and taking a leap into the unknown has paid off. July brings you peace of mind, thinking of faraway places and exotic experiences will lift your spirits and give you a chance to enjoy your life, it’s important to have a blend of work, rest and play. In love, your attraction to what is pleasing and beautiful will create the right environment for love, and trust in your destiny and your soulmate will appear. Wear pink for luck and rose quartz for pure love, self-esteem, and empowerment. 
Lucky Colour   PinkLucky Crystal  Rose quartz 

♓️ Pisces 
You are loved more than you think Pisces, this month you can relax and dream of big things in your world, taking a break with those you love helps you see things clearly and can make everything better. Great things are coming up soon and you will be delighted with the support in your work life, talented as you are, relying on people who have a good reputation and make the best decisions will see you reach the top. Wear turquoise for luck and an amethyst crystal for divine wisdom, spiritual protection, and healing. 
Lucky Colour  Turquoise Lucky Crystal  Amethyst 
Joanne Hope


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