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July Horoscopes by Joanna Hope

Yara Shahidi, Megan Fox, Jennie Kim, Doja Cat, Tamar Braxton and Beyoncé Knowles


Reese Witherspoon

Discover your Goddess power within Aries, as the world opens up around you create the perfect summer whilst enjoying the creative opportunities coming your way. Know your destiny is calling, you have the benefit of lasting changes that suit your lifestyle now. Upgrading your routine and renovating areas of your life that no longer serve a purpose brings satisfaction and makes your future path crystal clear.  July brings happiness in love, being optimistic about the future and feeling brave enough to share your special hopes and dreams with someone close to your heart helps open the door for true love.

Lucky Colour   -  Orange Lucky Crystal  -  Carnelian


Megan Fox

Coincidences abound in July and reveal your goals are now within sight, ‘grab the bull by the horns’ Taurus, don’t be afraid to rely on your inspired thinking and quick actions, this is a fabulous time to express yourself and influence a period of renewal in your life using your creative spark. It’s time for all that self care to pay off and show the world what you are made of. Love comes calling your name as you embrace what is pleasing and beautiful in your life, a sure sign of commitment comes your way, so enjoy being loved and in love this summer. Lucky Colour   -  Pink Lucky Crystal  -  Diamond


Heidi Klum

The twin powers of self-belief and enthusiasm, coupled up with your plans and ideas, are a real winning formula for you In your career Gemini, as the traffic lights finally turn green, your ambitious drive finally gets you to your destination. ‘No holding back’ works wonders for your love life too, it’s the right time to speak about what is in your heart and on your mind to your intended, discover the more playful side of love and enjoy fulfilment and happiness in your togetherness. Be confident, you are moving into a period of security and improvement and will be able to have a lot to smile about. Lucky Colour    -  Blue Lucky Crystal   -  Sapphire


Khloe Kardashian

Looks like summer is going to be special for the fabulous crab, invitations arrive and you find yourself in the spotlight once again in your career, it’s certainly time to shine as good prospects abound, and you seal those all important deals. Impressive transformation occurs in your love life, and as it’s the lovable crabs birthday month, you will feel the blessings of the feminine moon, your ruling planet, showering you with romantic thoughts, love is in the air, enjoy these moments of high romance and relax in the safe knowledge your love is mutual.  Lucky Colour -  Purple Lucky Crystal - Amethyst

♌️ LEO

Jennifer Lopez

Lovable Leo you can bring the sunlight into everyone’s life, it is well known you have a big heart and now is the time to share your wealth of experience with the world. It’s good to continue in true regal Leo style, fashioning life around you and creating new ways of connecting with others wherever you are. Keep up your style, show up and dazzle at your fav friends garden party, celebrating a little summer is definitely on the menu. Make life as interesting as you, and success will not be far behind. For those of you who have a birthday this month, set your wish and your powerful ruler the sun will shine a light on your dreams. Lucky Colour-  Gold Lucky Crystal- Yellow Diamond


Beyoncé Knowles

Life can get really interesting for the immensely talented Virgo, useful ideas are ripe for investment, bringing your dreams into reality and creating fantastic opportunities for you. Making things happen is a Virgo trait, so capitalize on your strengths of leadership and others will follow, all your hard work will be recognized and rewarded and you can succeed with your plans. Love is’ should be your motto, sentimental and dreamy, romance fills your heart and you cannot resist. Your confidence in love grows, being tender and passionate is definitely the way forward and brings out the very best in you and your relationship. Lucky Colour. - Turquoise Lucky Crystal  - Jade


Doja Cat

Make this summer special Libra, with your excessively good humour and good taste you can brighten any ones day up including your own. A big boost with your Image and reputation are some of the benefits July brings as you are in high demand. Your career takes you on an exciting, unexpected path, and those in power support and pave the way for you to succeed even more. Glamorous opportunities present themselves to you, so it is a great time to consider what you really want as Lifestyle is key. Love suits Libra, working out balance within a relationship is not easy but so worth it, it brings out the best in each of you, but if you are still searching for love, a well balanced relationship is on the cards. Lucky Colour - Green Lucky Crystal - Aqua Marine


Kendall Jenner

Magic is in the air and it is a good job you are planning for that golden future as you have the Midas touch and can rely on good fortune to help manifest your dreams. Life can shape the way you see things, and solutions come from your positive attitude as you concentrate not just on the problem, but how to fix it. Others rely on your sense of humour to carry them through, and you can rest assured you make life a lot brighter this way. Everything starts with a dream, so dream of love, a lot! Love is good medicine for the emotional Scorpio and summertime reflects a time of magnetic attraction and finding or enjoying true love. Lucky Colour - Pink Lucky Crystal - Rose Quartz


Sarah Hyland

Cupid is pointing its bow right at you as love can take over and fulfill a long-held dream for the passionate Sagittarius. Be happy as you discover an inner world explored by the two of you, promoting ample opportunity to be in a nourishing secure relationship. If you are looking for the one, July opens up loves doors to you, enjoy the attention and make the most of it. Work is flexible and continues to be a source of opportunity so, setting your sights high can really bring financial benefits to you, and others you are responsible for. Strength is your keyword, it helps you to overcome all obstacles in your path, Sagittarius is a fire sign, making your spirit strong and uplifting, supportive and giving. Lucky Colour  - Black Lucky Crystal - Tourmaline


Jennie Kim

 Always look on the bright side of life Capricorn, you are intelligent and practical but now is the time to be more relaxed and take in a bit of summertime fun. Your checklist of fun things to do should be noted and planned so you can let your hair down just a little. Your career is forged by your hard work and although change is always uncertain, your faith in your self, and your talents, will always carry you through. Bask in the sunshine of your mind as well as outside, and you will rejuvenate your life in unexpected ways. The mood for love is high on the agenda as you receive a love token of affection and want to see where it goes. Follow your heart and don’t look back, you are moving into a new chapter in your love life, promising lasting happiness. Lucky Colour   - Yellow  Lucky Crystal. -  Citrine


Yara Shahidi

The song of the soul must be expressed in the Aquarius, experimenting with new ideas and hobbies, your talents can surface and gifts you never knew you had can be discovered. A known humanitarian, a natural philosopher, carrying the troubles of the world with you and working out great solutions for them, a special time for your heartfelt commitment to all you hold dear, your love and protection will not be forgotten and you will be loved by all. Your heart is blessed by a partner who will show you just how much you mean to them, trust is something you hold precious and is rewarded. Love will find a way, and is coming your way, stable and secure, giving you a summer of love. Lucky Colour  - Orange Lucky Crystal - Jasper


Tamar Braxton

A dream within a dream Pisces, the much needed love and affection you show to others makes the world such a better place, your unending source of positivity can brighten up anyone’s day. Love follows you about and can be found in the most unlikely places so be alert, you are like a love magnet this month. As you focus more and more on your work you find you can resolve any conflict with ease and swiftness. Don’t hesitate to put forward your ideas, they will be welcomed as you are a great strategic team player, and can take the lead if necessary. As you forge ahead in your career, keep your wits about you and understand - you are the best.  Lucky Colour - Silver Lucky Crystal - Moonstone 

Words by Joanna Hope

Graphics by Georgia Walters

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