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3 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team January’s Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

3 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

January’s Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

As we welcome a brand new year, its time to see what you have in store for your January horoscopes with Psychic Joanne Hope.

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Image Credits: @beautousnailsalon

2024 is the year you will benefit from the higher powers blessing you with rewards sewn from the good deeds of your past. It’s a fabulous time to set your intentions and forge ahead with your plans to expand and improve your life. Moving home or even city will help change the old patterns that no longer serve you, turning into new and exciting opportunities for peace and security. Love will offer you a relationship in a way you may not have expected, sometimes people in your life can turn out to be closer to you than you thought, and a soulmate can emerge from the unconditional love they show you. Be happy in your approach to love and see how your enthusiasm to be happy can light up your love life. Wear pink in January for luck and a diamond crystal for marriage, commitment and faithfulness.

Lucky Colour – Pink
Lucky Crystal – Diamond


Image Credits: @thenailbabeuk

Taurus, January 2024 is the beginning of a journey you have been contemplating for a while. Gravitate towards those who can help you see what is great in yourself and use that support to craft your dreams and believe you can achieve those goals that you have set for yourself. In love you can determine the path ahead by really looking at what you love and whom you love, don’t be afraid to choose your highest aspiration and stick with what feels right. The heart will always show you what happiness really is, it is the compass we all have, like a feeling to tell us the truth of any situation, so open your heart to all the real love you receive and don’t go against your instincts, that way you will have no regrets. Wear white in January for luck and a topaz crystal for joy, generosity abundance and good health.

Lucky Colour – White
Lucky Crystal – Topaz


Image Credits: @j3nnailedit

The New Year of is always an omen for starting again and in good old Gemini fashion you can use this time to do exactly that. Look forward to what 2024 will bring as your work ethic can truly pay off and gains you the rewards you have worked so hard to get. A promotion or opportunity to show others what you are made of will come your way and almost fall into your lap, you are a force to be reckoned with and you will continue to grow in your power as this year progresses. In love don’t be afraid to show your emotions as you are ruled literally by the messenger of the gods Mercury, speak your heart to those that matter and send a message of love and understanding that will come back tenfold in spiritual blessings. Wear yellow in January for luck and a jade crystal for nobility and wealth.

Lucky Colour – Yellow
Lucky Crystal – Jade


Image Credits: @suki_nailz

2024 can be the making of you, this year heralds that a long awaited dream will come true and being your true authentic self is the key to your success. Strut your stuff like a superstar and watch everyone bend over backwards to help you, your destiny is great and when you know that, and believe that, the universe will be conspiring to deliver you to the door of success, it is like having a fantastic heads up, you know where you are going, and you definitely know what you are doing, so don’t doubt yourself for one second. Those who dare to dream big can reach the summit of the highest aspirations, enjoy the climb as the ladder of success is designed so that every step you take, brings you closer to achieving your destiny. What is meant to be will be in love, so relax as you can have a real relationship with someone on your level and not fall into a false sense of security with the wrong person, your other half is your equal, so a twin flame is predicted. Wear blue in January for luck and a lapis lazuli crystal will bring strength, wisdom and intelligent truth to your life, and wards off anything negative.

Lucky Colour – Blue
Lucky Crystal – Lapis Lazuli


Image Credit: @thenailbabeuk

2024 promises good health, good luck and good friends, it is a time to put yourself first and really look at what you need and bring those things into reality. Life is a journey and the soul of a Leo is an adventurous soul, be different, be original, you are here on this earth for a purpose and you can discover what that is when you follow your own inclinations and bring your god given talents to the world. Confidence is key! You really have what it takes to succeed and those around you know it and are willing to support you, ask and you will receive. Heaven can be a place on earth and if anyone can bring that abundance to the world it’s you, your good taste and good heart are a match made in heaven and the results are amazing!. In love someone is thinking about the future and how things could be, try to change your perspective and see the positives, not just the negative, and if you can search your heart and find out what you truly want, then you will end up happy and fulfilled. Wear red in January for luck and a rose quartz crystal for love and relationships, unconditional love and compassion.

Lucky Colour – Red
Lucky Crystal – Rose Quartz


Image Credit: @thenailbabeuk

There is a great shift in 2024 that brings clarity and wisdom on its wings Virgo, knowing what you want is half the battle, dreaming big is a must and financially you will be balancing the books and bringing home the fruits of your labour. Changing things up a little will always bring the new and untried into the equation and this will enhance your life and keep you relevant and appealing to the ever changing modern world, it’s possible that a change of image or selecting better activities to put your time into will all add up in the end and improve your life in the long run. In love you can settle down with a happy heart knowing you are at the beginning of a new year full of promise and hope. A relationship that can blossom is always on your mind and will bring you much satisfaction this year. Wear green in January for luck and a labradorite crystal for healing the body and spirit, also brings high energy vibrations.

Lucky Colour – Green
Lucky Crystal – Labradorite


Image Credit: @thenailbabeuk

2024 will certainly be an eye opener, there is plenty for you to think about and plenty for you to do, being out and about can introduce you to some important contacts that will prove to be lucrative later on, you never know who you could meet to further your ambitions. There is some magic in the air and you can be a catalyst to something greater by spreading the love you have for people and showing your compassionate heart to anyone in need, they will see you are honourable in your intentions and the rewards will be great making you feel you have made a difference by problem solving, you have the power to change any difficulties into challenges that can be overcome. In love there is a chance to really get what you want, manifesting your dream love life is not always easy but it is worth it, stick to your principles and what you value to create a strong foundation to your relationship and the rest of the time you can create a romantic love life just by floating along like a passenger on the love boat with a partner who knows how to love you, and also showing you a lovely time!. Wear black for luck in January and a citrine crystal will raise your self-confidence, improves motivation, and encourages self expression.

Lucky Colour – Black
Lucky Crystal – Citrine


Image Credits: @suki_nailz

2024 can be the fresh start you were hoping for, even though there is a need to curb any excess, it is important to keep your eye on the prize and know you can achieve your dreams when the time is right. There is something mysterious about the scorpio sign, with your matchless sensuality you will always be the centre of attention, you possess a magnetic quality that others find difficult to resist, this can benefit you in all areas of your life as it gives you a special quality that is very attractive to others. Learning a new skill or adding another string to your bow is a great resource for your time, and career, there is a lot more to you than meets the eye and you can discover hidden talents by following what you love and nourishing your soul at the same time, whatever you are passionate about, is something only you know, but when you share that passion with others it becomes a gift from you, a unique expression, like original art, an impression made by you that only you could make, and you will be loved for it. Wear purple for luck in January and a sapphire crystal will calm the mind, brings new love and commitment, and also prosperity.

Lucky Colour – Purple
Lucky Crystal – Sapphire


Image Credits: @suki_nailz

2024 will help you to do things for your highest good and will stretch your imagination to see another level that you may not have thought about, with the power of your mind and concentrating on what you do want, and not what you don’t, you will see clearly that you can achieve the impossible and surprise those that think they know you. Building up your Sagittarius empire with a “Rome wasn’t built in a day” attitude can get you everywhere as the day by day, step by step approach is best, and builds a long lasting foundation. In love you know what the right choice is and you can only follow your heart when it comes to having a happy romantic life, as logic will not help you now, knowing yourself well regarding what makes you happy is a must, the way ahead is signposted with ‘happiness’ as the best road to take, you can ‘have it all’ as they say, so take that road!. Wear orange for luck in January and a tigers eye crystal will grow your confidence and strength, builds a safe and strong foundation and wards off any negative energy.

Lucky Colour – Orange
Lucky Crystal – Tiger eye


Image Credits: @thenailbabeuk

2024 is a turning point for you Capricorn, not only is it your lucky birth month but it heralds a fresh start for you, a time to refresh your life with all the plans you have been making. Travelling to exciting places that will inspire you to branch out and become more expressive with your passionate emotions, tapping into a sense of destiny and purpose will open doors that you can capitalise on this year. Trusting your higher self to create the career you’ve always wanted and working towards those goals you have set can only bring fulfilment in the end, ‘never give up, never give in’ should be your motto as you forge ahead this year with the blessing of the universe, like a spiritual force guiding you, making things fall into place just when you need them to. In love, it’s complicated, a love from the past is thinking about you and vice-versa, if you are brave enough to reach out to them you will open a door of hope that was closed before, this may be just what you need, forgive and forget, let bygones be bygones and go with the love, it will bring much happiness and long lasting love. Wear silver in January for luck and a sunstone crystal will encourage optimism, bringing emotional warmth and very good luck.

Lucky Colour – Silver
Lucky Crystal – Sunstone


Image Credits: @nailssbyycee

Jump right into this year Aquarius, it’s your time to shine and be put under the spotlight, 2024 is the year for taking yourself seriously and what you can really achieve will pay dividends this year, higher than you could ever imagine, confidence is your secret weapon, so if in doubt, be confident, and rehearse and practice whatever you need to do to succeed. Remember practice makes perfect and there is always a way to resolve any difficulties you may encounter by rational thought and a calm approach. In love you can expect the best and leave the rest, you can certainly look forward to the future knowing you are at the beginning of a beautiful journey of self discovery that will reveal who your soul mate is. Wear ruby red in January for luck and an emerald crystal for opening the heart chakra, provides inspiration, wisdom and domestic bliss.

Lucky Colour – Ruby Red
Lucky Crystal – Emerald


Image Credits: @nails.by.annaliese

Now it’s 2024 it’s time for a break or a holiday Pisces, planning an escape to a beautiful destination will benefit you greatly and give you the motivation to see there is a more comfortable way to live your life than just hard work all the time. Budgeting, saving, reselling unwanted items, no matter how small, it can all add up and you may be amazed at how quickly you can create more abundance in your life to put towards your leisurely pursuits. In love you can call the shots all the way, determined and good hearted your partner will be lucky to have such a smart and genuine person to love them. Getting engaged or married is well starred as is settling down if you don’t want the legal route, but the happiness of being with someone who truly loves you is magic. Wear aqua for luck in January and an aquamarine crystal for a positive flow of emotions, helps let’s go of fears and past trauma, and brings total relaxation.

Lucky Colour – Aqua
Lucky Crystal – Aquamarine

Words By Joanne Hope


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