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6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team January Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

January Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

With 2022 well underway, we hope you have been manifesting everything you want to achieve this year whilst keeping your goals firmly in your sight. To keep those visions alive, we are bringing you Joanne Hope’s Astrological rundown for the month of January. If you would like a more in depth look into what the stars hold for you, you can book a a reading here.


The New Year of 2022 beckons you to inspire others with your enthusiasm and bring about a positive change. Your energy is vibrant and can be channelled into positive action giving a boost to who you come into contact with. Your life will be shaped by your good attitude and brilliant ideas, bringing more light and hope into your world. Lovable and well-meaning Aries will be recognised for honourable deeds this year as January is heralding the best time for moving onwards and upwards to receive all the rewards that are in store. Love can be confusing sometimes, but you will work things out this month as you attract all the love you need and can express your feelings openly.



In 2022 as a new year resolution, Taurus should celebrate all of the milestones reached last year, despite adversity, and allow some time to re-energise and be in the moment. Taurus is a tough cookie and will always bounce back well hence the symbol of the bull! If you are at a crossroads then choosing things that promote your highest good will reap rewards as this month gets underway, you will see improvements almost immediately. Love will last and you can count on your faith in someone as the trust you have given will be rewarded tenfold.

LUCKY COLOUR Emerald Green


As the twin sign of Gemini meets the New Year of 2022 you will find an upsurge in energy to help you to get on and fulfil your goals. You have many talents and will find by tapping into your skills you can confidently demonstrate your gifts to all. Your family will be on your mind, and will only benefit from your unending support and love. For your personal emotional life, love asks you to be mindful that no man or woman is an island so you can be open to letting someone in and getting close to you. You will benefit from a romantic outlook and will feel rejuvenated by the attention you receive in return.



Jan 2022 proves to be a productive month as you have the power to make things happen. Always thoughtful and caring, sharing your emotions will be at an all-time high, as you look ahead now you can see you are on track to fulfilling your dreams with the support of others who recognise your worth, you can start this year knowing you are appreciated. Step into those creative shoes and the sky is the limit for the interesting, imaginative crab. Love is beckoning you to put boundaries around you like a queen, ensuring only those with a proven track record are welcomed into your inner circle, creating an atmosphere for positive, exciting changes ahead, as being romantically minded brings its rewards.

LUCKY CRYSTAL Pink Tourmaline


Royal Leo, January 2022 will bring you the clarity you need, putting all your energy into making things happen is what you do best. The universe is giving you abundance in unexpected ways, so you can continue to count your blessings and make a head start on prospering this year. Being magical is the natural way of the instinctive lion, and using your intuitive gifts will bring out the best in you, and you will see you can trust yourself enough as you had the answers all along. Love will find a way, your feline ways can charm the birds off the trees, it is the right time to express your intentions fully.



Let 2022 open the door to bigger and better things, these changing times are altering your way of looking at things and giving you a chance to reevaluate your life. You can open your mind to the new and untried, and believe you can create all you hope for, the light at the end of the tunnel comes from positive thoughts and intentions. Knowledge and opportunities will come to you through being your true self in all situations. Love will bring an abundance of feelings so you can choose the right path for you, open your heart and let all that love in, everyone needs to love and be loved but including yourself in the equation is a must from the selfless Virgo.



2022 brings a very balanced outlook for Libra, true to your nature you can work better with a stable environment and in a manner that will make you feel more confident to move ahead with your plans. You can be the master of your career now as you find the reigns are very much in your hands and so you can steer yourself to an out and out victory. Libra is an air sign so change like the wind, be gentle, and then fierce, you will achieve mastery this way. Love is looking up as long as you stay true to yourself and let the love flow, you are affectionate and will benefit from spending time on your love life and feeling your way ahead. Don’t overthink!.



2022 is a time of letting go of the old and bringing in the new chapter, you can expect to be concentrating on what is dear to your heart this month whether it is work or your personal life, but you will also be reminding yourself there is a bigger picture unfolding and you are playing the lead role in that picture. With your wit and sense of humour, you can get people to see the funny side of life, and it counts for a lot if you help others to have the same positive outlook when times are getting tough. Love is right there for the taking, a practical logical, approach solves a mystery in your love life and an admirer shows you how they feel. Be in receive mode for love and enjoy the process.



2022 suits your free spirit and gives you plenty of personal space invoking inspiring forces around you. If you are into the arts; writing, singing, music or dancing then you can take your career to the next level as creative pursuits are highlighted, demanding you grow. Beneficial changes to your dreams are helping you adapt to a new way of working this month and will show you the results are even better than before. Being beautiful helps you to create a wonderful atmosphere around your love life and attracts the happiness you seek. It’s your way of showing truly magical love, so be confident with that knowledge and know this – Sagittarius is loved and Sagittarius can truly love.

LUCKY CRYSTAL Snowflake Obsidian


Darling Capricorn, 2022 indicates that you can take your birthday month by the hand and celebrate as better things are to come. With a traditional nature by heart, you can act confidently in your love life and take the steps needed to fulfil your dreams; buying a house or moving in together, this type of energy is moving around you at the moment causing more commitment and trust to emerge. You will make use of a dab of discipline as well as strength and resilience this month to enhance your career, also being consistent in what you do daily will work wonders for work, and prosperity, couple that with applying your long term strategy and bingo – success for the wise Capricorn.



January 2022 will help you use your intuitive side to guide your way through what has seemed to be a fog of uncertainty into a more satisfactory position. Rely on your intuition as it will let you know when something or someone is not right for you, partnerships are indicated and the majority are favourable, so let your gut feelings be your guide and see how you come up with great solutions as a result of following your instincts. Be your lively, original and inventive self and you cannot go wrong. Love is steady and routine is favourable for you now set your goals in love and put your imagination to use and create some good plans.



January 2022 influences Pisces in a good way, as it helps your fluid creative personality deal with changes that you most likely started last year but need to continue this year. You have a head start if you look at things from this point of view “is the glass have empty? or is it half full?” the latter is the correct answer, so carry on filling up the glass and examine lots of possibilities that improve your fortunes for the future. Your large number of talents and personality gives you the potential to do a lot of good in the world, whilst also attracting what you need to do it.
Love is a kaleidoscope of feelings for you, Pisces, making you question what is next. But, by capturing the essence of what you are feeling (it is what Pisces do best) through expressing what you see, hear, and feel through the arts, you will be connected to the now. Living fully in the present, you become more in control of how you are feeling, and it has a healing effect on not just your love life, but life in general.


Words By Joanne Hope


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