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11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Isamaya: A Brand That Won’t Let You Think Twice!

11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Isamaya: A Brand That Won’t Let You Think Twice!

Who said beauty had to be put in a box? Isamay defies expectations and promotes originality. This company has your back whether you’re going for a big, vivid appearance that attracts attention or a delicate glow that captivates in whispers. Prepare to own your appearance, turn heads, and embrace your individuality like never before.

Isamaya Ffrench, the Beauty Curator for Off White, is revolutionising the beauty sector once more with her brand, Isamaya. Isamaya, in cooperation with a recognised artist group, pushes the boundaries of beauty even further, presenting a variety of technical and inventive products to create an inclusive atmosphere for everyone to participate in.

Dominating the look Julia Fox wears a medley of metallic INDUSTRIAL 2.0 pigments, LIPLACQ in RUST and the SPUR STICK lip liner in OUTLAW.

Isamaya has risen as a symbol of refinement and luxury in a society where beauty and self-care are intertwined. With its inventive products, luxury formulas, and devotion to reinventing the beauty scene, this company has captured the hearts of beauty lovers and enthusiasts alike. Isamaya distinguishes itself not only via its visually appealing packaging, but also by its creative formulas that combine cutting-edge technology with nature’s best components.


Written By Alphy Roy

Header Image: @Isamayabeauty Instagram


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