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If 2020 Lockdown Hadn’t Drained our Bank Accounts, Rico Nasty’s Latest Collection Will

IL Makiage Featuring Rico Nasty Collection, @riconasty

In collaboration with IL Makiage, Rico Nasty has produced the nastiest (excuse the pun) collection we have laid our eyes on. Visionary Makeup and Daring hairstyles have always been at the forefront of Rico’s creative flair and has bossed some mega beauty looks that have redefined the meaning of taking a risk. Neon pink, punk inspired eyeshadow or artistic liner designs, Rico has been our mentor at teaching us how to master makeup looks we couldn’t dream of.

Featuring a variety of eye makeup, this collab is serious eye candy. The collection with IL Makiage contains two high-impact shadow palettes in Lowfi and Neon Range, a double ended shader brush and both a white and black eyeliner. While the entirety of the collection is enough to make our eyes widen, we are naturally drawn to the vibrant colours and pressed pigments of the two shadow palettes.

The 6-shade pigment palette in ‘Neon Range’ is certainly one for the dauntless makeup fanatics out there. The electric rainbow of colours (we’re talking bright pink, orange, blue) hasn’t come at more of a perfect time as we transition into the autumn months, with the spooky season up ahead. While vivid shades may not be for everyone on the day-to-day, with Halloween up ahead, it leaves us with no excuse to get creative. Going from one extreme to the other, the Lowfi Palette offers subtle, warm toned shades with a burnt orange and range of beige base shades featuring for a more causal eye look. But theres nothing stopping you combining the two. Who isn’t obsessed with a pop ff colour in their inner corner?

IL Makiage images via @riconasty instagram

With a shade range as energetic as it is, it wouldn’t be a surprise for the packaging to follow suit. We’ve never been told to judge a book by its cover, but on this occasion- I think we can. Rico’s collab is embossed with neon green lettering, skull prints and covered with the indication of a beating heart. Not only on the packaging- but engraved into the eyeshadow pan’s as well. One look at that neon pink and it really does make your heart skip a beat.

Like the rest of us, Rico has not been shy to share her excitement across social media and has been teasing the collection for weeks. Rico got real on her Insta back in August saying, ’IVE GOT A MOTHERF$CKING MAKEUP COLLECTION!!!! Little 15 year old, cant contour for shit, chunky eyebrow me is SCREAMING right now. I’m just happy all those other weird little girls eyeing some makeup, thinking “I’m sh*t, I suck at makeup” that I can give those little kids a product they can grow up with.”

Rico really is re-defining the makeup scene with this collection and is breaking some boundaries like no other. Bringing “Virtual Vividness” has been her way to give back through makeup to inspire a generation of people, no matter their age, race or sexuality, to get creative with the way they look. She’s paving the way for turning makeup into an art form and we cant wait to get involved. We really will be Turing looks with this palette.

To get all the deet’s on her collab you can sign up here, and prepare to get nasty!

Words by Clare Stephenson

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