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11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team How To Look After Sensitive Skin This Summer

11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

How To Look After Sensitive Skin This Summer

We love everything about summer – just not the increased sensitivity, redness and flare-ups that come with the warm weather and high pollen count. To help you, we’ve collated the best advice and products that’ll bring your skin back down to earth and keep you enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Bring on the garden parties!

1. Start with the basics

These might seem obvious, but some get the basics wrong straight off the bat. Never use very hot water, harsh cleansers, do not exfoliate and use a moisturizer that is light and creamy to fit your skin type.

2. SPF

We can’t ram this point home enough, put your SPF on and reapply every two hours. Look for factor 30 for daily wear – Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 30 is brilliant.

3. Cover up the redness with a BB cream

No one likes wearing a full face on a hot day, so cover up the patches with a good BB cream. We love the Kiko Milano Green Me BB Cream – it’s tinted with green to counterbalance the redness and ideal for a natural finish to accompany you on an evening out.

4. Give your skin Some TLC with a facemask

There is nothing better than putting on a spa-like treatment in front of a movie. Try Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial which is a cooling and quenching overnight mask, which will plump and strengthen the skin’s acid mantle.

5. Cover up and always test your makeup

If you think you might be allergic to makeup, test a patch on your inner wrist, cover with a plaster and see if you develop an itchy rash after 48 hours. If you do, avoid said product like the plague. Try an all-natural makeup brand like Tower 28.

Words By Rosina Findlay


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