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7 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Expert Advice on How to Combat Seasonal Hairloss- Yes Its A Thing

7 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Expert Advice on How to Combat Seasonal Hairloss- Yes Its A Thing

Image via FrezyDerm
Image via FrezyDerm

As the autumn season comes, you may begin to notice an increase in hair loss or thinning. More strands gathered in your basin after a shower, or a fuller hairbrush. Seasonal hair loss is a common affliction for women in the fall but is also one that isn’t always given enough stage-time from fear of embarrassment. It’s easy to fear that the worst has happened when you begin to notice an abnormality with your hair. Worry not- this increase is very common and isn’t something to be frightened of!

An increase in hair loss can be due to a myriad of reasons, as outlined by hair experts at Live True London: “Hair will fall out due to stress, pollution, poor diet, poor hydration as well as extreme weight loss, a medical condition and the use of medical treatments that can lead to hormonal changes and, of course, aging.”

But how can you fix this hair-loss? Before seeking home remedies, remember that hair loss can be linked to other issues like hormonal imbalances or thyroid problems. Make sure you speak to a doctor first to rule out any of the more serious causes.

1 ) Fix your diet

If you’re eating poorly or not hydrated enough, you could be encouraging your hair to break off. Your hair needs nutrients and hydration to stay healthy and stay alive. Otherwise, you’re starving your hair of what it desperately needs. And it’s no secret that, as people jet away for their holidays, inhibitions are low, and diets are broken. People eat out every night in a foreign country and indulge in the sweet snacks their countries have to offer. However, making sure that you’re now eating healthier in the new season, or increasing your daily intake of water can help your hair to be as healthy as possible.

2) Increase your intake of vitamins

If you’re submitted yourself to a strict weight loss diet, you may not be getting all the vitamins and minerals you need, or at least to the extent that you need them. As previously noted, your hair needs nutrients to survive and that nutrition partially comes from the daily intake of vitamins that your body needs. Live True London recommend “Eating raw food that contains a lot of vitamin B6, B12 and C is perfect for hair treatment. If you undergo a strict diet, take vitamins in supplements so that your levels do not drop too low.”

3) Remove scalp build-up

Build upon the scalp around the hair follicles can also cause hair loss. Live True London recommends the following: “For stress and pollution, cleansing the hair with a shampoo that will remove build-up from the scalp. Applying conditioner afterwards and massaging the scalp in circular movements until it becomes loose.” This will “Tighten the scalp and will avoid the hair follicle to move on to the next phase of growth. By releasing the scalp from tensions, the hair will grow stronger; this will also have a positive effect on the overall body tensions.”

4) Reduce styling

If you’re the kind to go all out at night with the curling iron, hair spray, and tight buns, ultimately you’ll be causing damage to your hair that is resulting in hair loss. This may be through heat damage or breakages through excess use of appliances or products. By refraining to do this for as long as possible, you’re allowing your hair to heal. Giving it time and space to reform and fix itself, reversing the damage without causing any more. And, if you do use appliances, use products that prevent heat damage to ensure your hair is in the best condition to survive the do.

5) Don’t leave the house with wet hair, and get those regular trims.

As the temperatures dip and the world gets colder and colder, your wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage that leads to fall out. Wet hair that gets cold in the autumn or winter can freeze, the strands becoming taut and eventually snapping off. Top tips: air-dry it at home, or blow-dry using a heat-resisting product to prevent extra damage from the appliance.

Moreover, getting regular trims can also prevent these breakages. Getting an inch or so removed from the ends can prevent split ends from building, getting worse, and breaking off altogether. If you’ve tried these things and you’re still experiencing an excess in hair-loss, please make sure you speak to your doctor. It may be an indication that something is going wrong medically, and you might need their assistance in reversing it with medication.

Words by Abigail Forrest

Graphic by Frances Scott


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