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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Highlights From Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021/22

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Highlights From Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021/22

Following New York, London and Milan, Paris is the finale of the big four AW21 shows and it did not disappoint. Luxury fashion houses such as Loewe, Chloé and Hermès delivered vibrancy, innovative and classic on-brand staples. Other brands such as, Isabel Marant, Courrèges, Kristina Fidelskaya, Coperni and Alexandra Vaulthier all played crucial roles to the Paris highlights portfolio, bringing a cohesive and fresh approach, they pioneer up-and-coming trends for Fall/ Winter 2021.


Creative Director, Jonathon Anderson innovates a compelling narrative to the Loewe Fall/ Winter 2021 collection. Enticing the audience with the striking headline ‘The Loewe Fashion show has been cancelled,’ he connects the collection to literacy; directly addressing the current challenges of pandemic life via the medium of a newspaper. Creating a narrative out of monochrome piles of
newspapers affords the opportunity for the pieces to conflict the scene, surfacing to prominence through their contrasting qualities. Vibrant colours and graphic prints, the collection encompasses an abstract and artistic take on fashion, inspiring individuality through empowering garments. One of the show’s highlights has to be the bracelet bag, offering a unique attraction towards a typically practical element. The collection as a whole, introduces new visions of shaping and construction, the colourful and futuristic spectacular make this collection lively and dynamic.

Photo Credits: Fumiko Imano/ Loewe


Gabriella Hearst, the Creative Director at Chloé wanted the Fall/Winter collection to wholly emulate the luxury brand of Chloé, resembling joyfulness and femininity. This is achieved through the gorgeous broderie anglaise knitwear looks: a classic Chloé staple. When describing her vision for the AW21 collection, Hearst emphasises the importance of details within the luxury brand of Chloé. For example the ceramic buttons incorporated into the looks were designed and made within Paris, ensuring a sustained connection to the heart of the brand. Patchwork is a noticeable feature throughout the collection, expanding the brands dainty image to a street-wear vibe. The cape style coat makes an appearance within the collection but with an added twist. Evident within the shawl neckline, alternative textures of a shiny, metallic puffer coat appear; this adds a young and contemporary element to the capes.

Photo Credits: Courtesy Of Chloé

Hermès and Isabel Marant

Models emerge from a landscape of Hermés’ renowned orange boxes. Hermés Autumn/Winter collection is kept simple with the cohesive use of materials, providing a textured theme of leather and denim looks. Taking a spin on the double denim look, Hermés uses dark, tailored denim pieces, dominating the outfits, giving an understated impression. The leather pieces provide, rich and
high quality feel towards the collection, its glossy glaze reflects light, giving the pieces more depth and structure.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Hermés

Presenting 48 looks, Isabel Marant’s Fall 2021 collection offers a vast range of styles and aesthetics. Alike the Hermés collection, slinky leather fabrics are a common feature throughout. These looks have a metallic feel, shiny and glossy, it gives an almost wet look. Unlike Hermés, these
pieces are produced in vivid colours, giving the classic, smart material more energy and vibrancy.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Isabel Marant

Courrèges and Kristina Fidelskaya

The highlight of Courrèges collection has to be the bold accessorising. Starting with footwear, Courrèges collection is consistent in their inclusion of the thigh high boot. Established in an array of colours, Courrèges’ boots complete the outfits, acting as a fashionable substitute for tights. The attention to details throughout the accessories elevates the outfits to a higher level. The statement structured earrings add delicate and dainty details. The models rock sunglasses and baseball caps, seamlessly transitioning these typically summer staples into the colder seasons, working wonders for this chic and bold image.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Courrèges

Kristina Fidelskaya ‘BIBI’ autumn/winter collection also champions this emphasis on hats. The show is located in a sea of neutral tones, reflecting Kristina Fidelskaya beige, creams and camel colour scheme. The clothes are bright and light, similar to Courrèges summer inspired looks. Another similarity is the prominence of the headwear worn in most looks. Whether that is a baker-boy hat colour coordinated with the outfit ensemble or a cowboy hat coinciding with an on-theme trend of tassel emphasis, Kristina Fidelskaya styles these hats into the fall season effortlessly.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Kristina Fidelskaya

Alexandra Vaulthier

Alexandra Vaulthier’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection engages a masculine silhouette throughout the looks. This wide shouldered shaping is embellished through ruffles and dramatic sleeves, balancing the pieces with delicate detailing.This experimentation with the masculine and feminine is an interesting exploration seen throughout the collection, merging boundaries and challenging
classical silhouettes.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Alexandra Vaulthier


Coperni’s fashion show really stopped traffic, located in a car park at night; the collection emerged from darkness, illuminated by car headlights. Coperni initiates slick and chic trends appropriate for future nights out in the city; with mini dresses as a key feature of the collection, Coperni is equipping us with gorgeous pieces for a sophisticated eveningwear look. A highlight of this collection has to be the iconic fur moments. Architecturally, the structuring of the coats are striking, they have so much volume and exuberate power and confidence, as well as looking super cosy. Layered over a slinky mini dress, these coats are perfect for Autumn Winter 2021. The colours Coperni’s primarily uses
are black and white staples underlined with pop neon accents, this fun element livens up the collection.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Coperni

Words by Theodora Woods, Graphics by Victoria Zhao


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