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1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team Handmade Fashion: The Trend That’s Taking Over Twitter

1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Handmade Fashion: The Trend That’s Taking Over Twitter

One of the positive things about runways becoming digital over the past year is that as audiences, we’re used to consuming fashion content through digital platforms. We’ve decided to take a look at some of our top favourite handcrafted pieces that we’ve seen across social media. From crochet to feather details, we’re excited to bring you a rundown of some of our favourite handmade fashion pieces that we’ve seen online. 

This one-shoulder collar piece is enough to catch anybody’s eye scrolling through social media. This crocheted collar piece from @fdesbml is a stunningly hand-crafted piece of artwork. Combining the upcoming Spring/Summer trend of crochet with the Bridgerton style collars that we’re loving; this is a beautiful statement piece. It wouldn’t look out of place atop a Simone Rocha skirt, but this piece is so intricate and unique that we’d add to our wardrobes in a heartbeat. 

Looking like it belongs on the carpets of the Met Gala, @anikaleila ‘s hand-sewn corset is a beautifully intricate piece. The corset’s gold hues and perfectly executed folds put you in mind of a rococo style backdrop, yet its surrealist undertones with a subtly incorporated face almost resemble something of a Schiaparelli piece and add a sense of a modern, futuristic twist on a beautiful renaissance style piece. One thing is certain, the attention to detail is impeccable.

Another piece we’re obsessed with is this dress by Jesse Hansen. Made with Ariana Grande in mind, this latex mini dress with chain details and corseted panelling is enviable. It captures the feel of Ariana’s latest album Positions, and it maintains that fun, effeminate look that Ariana is so well known for. We’re obsessed with the matching choker and the daring vibes that the eyelet details provide. 

This reversible corset from @uzairshoid is another piece we’re coveting. In neon colours with embroidered patterns spanning over each panel, it’s the perfect colour palette (both ways) for Spring/Summer and its silhouette looks incredibly flattering. 

Inspired by the hot pink Roberto Cavalli feathered dress from 2003 that Christina Aguilera wore for the VMA’s, @Baddie_Bi created their own birthday dress which had all the same allure. The colour palette and the train length were both perfectly in keeping and the experimentation with the placement of the feathers on @Baddie_Bi ‘s creation made for a flattering silhouette.

We have a bit of outfit jealousy when it comes to @Thobymbhele ‘s handmade dress. This piece was inspired by a movie they’d seen, but now it’s inspired many followers to be on the hunt for such a striking piece. The cut-out details are perfectly on-trend and they’re a perfect match with the bright purple tones. We’re a huge fan of the sleeve meets opera glove style which polishes the look off perfectly. 

Words By Megan Selway


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