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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Hairstyles & Accessories To Match Your Holiday Glam

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Hairstyles & Accessories To Match Your Holiday Glam

Looking for inspiration on how to style your hair for all the festive events in your calendar? Look no further, we have you well and truly covered. We have spotted some fabulous looks that are trending and would be perfect for the glam of the upcoming month.  We also know the month is long and sometimes a trendy hat or accessory is all we need to spice up our outfit. No matter the length, style, or volume of your hair, there should be something for you in our selection.

High Messy Buns

We are obsessed with this style. Inspired by the glamour and wealth of old Hollywood, a high bun with wispy curls framing the face is perfect for the glitz and glam of Christmas and New Year. The look is full-blown Audrey Hepburn and there is not much you can say to argue with the elegance of its classic style. You can be as versatile with this look as you please, whether you want a slick, tight bun or prefer the messy, fuller style.


Both Bella and Winnie are showing off their long single braids. This hairstyle works really well if you have naturally long hair or extensions. The longer the length, the more impact you will get out of this style. However, braid loops, a classic two-braid or a full head of braids are also all on the cards for this Christmas. Olivia is a huge braid adopter and great for versatile styles of braids.

Sleek High Pony

Another sleek look breaking into the season’s top trends this year. However, this style allows an added flair of creativity and playfulness. This look is all about embracing those sometimes-pesky baby hairs. Slicked back hair (works great for short hair) and flatten baby curls rested upon your forehead. Disclaimer, you will need to get the hairspray ready for achieving this masterpiece.


Don’t just rely on style this year. We have gathered a number of trending accessories to make you look as fabulous as you feel. Embellishments are all the rage and we are in awe at these selected trends.  Plus, it’s Winter, and you can never go wrong with a stylish hat.

Clasps and Clips

Thought clasps only worked in long hair? Think again. Kicki shows us how she styles her short cut with minimal clasps and also an abundance of clasps. Embrace the season’s sparkle with glittery clasps and pearl embroidered clips. 

Black Ribbons

Looking for an elegant hairstyle, perfect for dinner with the in-laws or a black-tie party. Simple yet stunning. Black ribbons and bows will be perfect to add to your festive fit as they can tie (literally) a look together. Let the ribbon hang long or tie into a bow for a classic updo.  Silks and velvets are perfect for this time of year.

Sleek Hoods and Balaclavas

Since the fashion week catwalks, hoods have claimed their rightful space in 2022. We are happy to see our favourite influencers wrapping up in their hoods as they enter the countdown weeks to Christmas.Unsure what to do with your hair or don’t have the time to style how you wish, stay cozy during the day in a knitted hood, then switch to the sleek styles for evening attire. Balaclavas have also gained momentum this year, which is perfect for the cold nights coming up.

Fur Pillbox Hats

Venturing out to celebrate the bells in style could not be easier. This year we are seeing Russian pillbox fur hats appearing on the heads of our favourite women. We don’t think anything could keep you as warm and looking as fantastic as you will in an old classic.

Words By Erin Wilson

Graphics Header By Mia Washbrook


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