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12 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team New Season New Hair! These 10 Looks Are A Must For Your Autumn Glow Up!

12 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

New Season New Hair! These 10 Looks Are A Must For Your Autumn Glow Up!

Hairstyle is such an important part of our look. As the new season arrives, we all want to make some kind of change to feel more in the mood. It’s not always easy to make a hair-related decision as you can end up with a very bad looking hair. But don’t worry, we got you. We picked a few hairstyles that are very stylish and you will definitely find something for a little change that you are looking for.

Thick bangs

Sometimes, when there is nothing better to do we make some very bad decisions… We have all been there. This time, cutting your bangs at home might not be so bad of an idea because they are extremely on trend! Thick bangs might be one of the most popular hairstyles of the year. And if you dare to cut it yourself, it won’t cost you anything!

Curtain bangs

Thick bangs can be slightly risky as you need to cut quite a lot of hair. But if you still want to try bangs, curtain bangs are your go to solution. The hairstyle creates such a dreamy, princess-like look that is also quite easy and most definitely cheap to achieve.


Braids leave a lot of space for imagination as you can style braided hair in so many ways. Braids are cute yet sexy. Braids can be worn in a part and in a more professional environment. The hairstyle is even comfortable to sleep in! We are definitely saying ‘yes’ to braids!


Buns can look either elegant or quite fun and childish. Either way, buns are always in style and can always help to finish the look. It’s such a comfortable yet cute hairstyle!

Bouncy blowout

It can sometimes be quite difficult to get a nice bouncy blowout at home. For many of us it’s not an easy task if we haven’t met the professional stylist to show us how to create this look. However, if you have time to see a hairstylist for a bouncy blowout, you should definitely do it!

Centred part

As you may have already noticed, all the celebrities have been obsessed with centred part look, but Kim Kardashian is definitely a queen of centred part hairstyle.  The hairstyle creates a very luxurious and elegant look that can be styled in many different ways as long as there is centred part in the middle.


Bob is a haircut that will never leave trend list. Plenty of celebrities are rocking their bobs this year. It must be one of the easiest looks as bob is not too difficult to style and maintain. Having a bob allows you to maintain such a classy and sophisticated look.

Wet hair

For every girl who doesn’t want to forget the memories of beach now that we are moving into a colder season, wet hair is a must. It’s easy and nobody is going to notice if you haven’t had your hair washing day yet.


That’s right, mullet isn’t going anywhere yet. A hairstyle that is slightly more difficult to pull off as you most likely need to have a very specific style to match the oddness of mullet. But there is nothing to worry about as many celebrities such as Miley are still wearing it and can be used as a perfect style inspiration.

Glossy hair

Glossy hair is such healthy look to have. No matter what colour or hairstyle you wear, if the hair is glossy and sleek, it makes such a difference. The best advice we can give is to make sure your hair is as healthy as possible and you will achieve the glossy hairstyle with no effort.

Words by Ugne Giraityte


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