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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Hair Products to Keep Your Hair Silky Smooth This August

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Hair Products to Keep Your Hair Silky Smooth This August

To many, it feels as though there’s has never been a summer that’s quite as hot as this one. But whilst our hair may be in desperate need of a little TLC, luckily, a series of fresh new hair products have hit the shelves this month – designed to salvage our locks. From hot tools with gorgeous rose gold accents to nourishing treatments, customisable gels and dreamy hair mists, below, you’ll find all the products you need to prepare your hair for whatever weather it’s set to brace throughout the season ahead. After all, with so many new products to try, who wouldn’t want to splurge on the latest hair goodies?

Prose Custom Styling Gel 

This versatile, custom styling gel gives hold and definition whilst simultaneously proving flake-free and non-crunchy, battling the humidity and preventing both frizz and shrinkage. Whilst US-based, this customisable haircare brand, Prose, uses your postcode to tweak your desired formula on the basis of water hardness and even UV and pollution levels in your area, ensuring that your hair gets the treatment it deserves. With an ingredient list comprised of sustainable and natural active ingredients (such as fragmented rice water for hair strength and pea protein for heat protection,) Prose recommends using this product on wet hair as the last step of your daily styling routine. Simply apply a bit of styling gel on the ends of curls or coils of your hair to help prevent fragile split ends, or use as necessary to create the perfect wash n’gos, braids, edges, and twists. 

Living Proof Triple Bond Complex

Living Proof’s new weekly bond-building hair treatment is designed to make your hair 8x stronger without falling short of that well sought-after softness, smoothness and shine. By building all three types of bonds in the hair (hydrogen, covalent and ionic,) this scientifically backed product promises to reduce visible signs of hair damage and prevent future breakage. To use the product, shampoo and condition your hair as normal before applying approximately two pumps of the treatment to damp hair. Comb through, but do not rinse out! Whilst the product does not require heat, you’ll see the best results via heat activation – you just need to wait ten minutes before using your preferred stylers or hairdryer. Free from silicones, parabens and sulfates, what more could you ask for than this PETA certified, cruelty free product? P.S…It’s safe for chemically treated hair too!

SB2 by Sutra Beauty Interchangeable Blowout Brush

This beautiful heated brush will give you an at-home blowout that will have you looking ready for the runway in no time. As an all-in-one dryer and styling tool, the mixed bristles present on the oval brush will detangle and volumize your hair, leaving it both frizz-free and shiny in a matter of minutes. As a wand that has three customisable heat settings, this product is suitable for each and every hair type.

Pattern Beauty Detangling Nectar

Following the launch of beloved actress and beauty icon Tracee Ellis Ross’ award-winning beauty brand, Pattern, each product has catapulted to success, expertly tailored to suit the needs of women of colour with 3B to 4C hair. Packed with safe ingredients within an affordable price range, this new detangling hair nectar is a slippy concoction of sea moss, aloe vera and grapeseed oil, combing through knots and coils with ease. Whether wet or dry, evenly section your hair before distributing the formula, applying the product on each section from roots to ends.

Diptyque Eau Rihla Hair Mist

Inspired by journeys along the routes of the Middle East, Diptyque’s latest hair mist is spicy and evocative, laced with notes of iris, vanilla and saffron to please your senses. Enriched with protective camellia oil, this product takes luxury to new heights. After washing your hair, simply rinse it with cold water to ensure that the product absorbs effectively, then apply as many squirts of perfume as necessary.

Words by Gracie Eastwood

Header Image: @troika.kw


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