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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Greek Goddesses Come To Life – Highlights From Athens Fashion Week

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Greek Goddesses Come To Life – Highlights From Athens Fashion Week

 Can you imagine a better setting for ancient muses and goddesses flowing in front of your eyes and for the senses brought to the highest level of aesthetic ecstasy than Greek palaces and Mediterranean nature? Having had the honour to experience this celebration of fashion and femininity, which the 34th Athens Fashion Week was, Voir invites you to immerse yourselves in this world as well, presenting to you the most significant and inspirational moments from the Fashion Week. 


Elisabetta Franchi – The “Eternal” Collection

Known for her feminine design, embracing both smart and sensual looks, the Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi offered us an array of column dresses, chic pantsuits, hourglass blazers, and mini dresses during the first day of the FW, 20/04. It was a celebration of various textures, with sequined, full-length evening dresses, crystal intarsias, layers of chiffon, golden fringe, and feather-like, white, floral ornaments.


It was all about glimmer and glamour, but in a highly elegant and powerful tone. The strong makeup, with smoky eyes and nude lips, complemented by long, golden earrings and necklaces made a statement of majestic and goddess-like femininity. The collection, with its colour palette revolving around a classic set of black, white, ivory, metallic silver, golden, and claret, presented not only smart suits, and minimalistic and form-fitting dresses, but also had a sexy touch to it, with cut-outs, transparent blouses, blazers modified into mini dresses, and glittering, crystal-embroidered silver mini dresses paired up with high leather boots or complemented by an impressive chiffon trail.


The cherry on top? Franchi’s identification mark – classy high heels, with the brand’s logo incorporated in the heel – for the goddesses to stride boldly. 

“Peri Therous” By Dassios

This Athens-based designer’s collection was the greatest tribute to the rich Hellenic heritage we saw during day two, if not during the whole Fashion Week.


Every model, with colourful (usually blue or red) eye shadows, ethnic earrings, and most standing-out garlands, brought to mind representations of the Greek goddess of the hearth and home, Hestia, who – for this one day – appeared in front of our eyes in flesh and blood, wearing long dresses and togas in the colours of nature.


They were airy and mostly broad, with long sleeves, but very sensual at the same time, with deep necklines and half-transparent fabrics. It was a harmonious celebration of colours and large prints, inspired by Greek traditional garments, worn by models of different looks and age groups. Majestic Hellenic femininity at its finest. 

“Daydreaming A Poem For Katia” By Celebrity Skin – Daydreaming It Is


It was magical, it was theatrical, it was avant-garde and haute-couture. The “daydreaming” bit in the title of German-born Dimitris Strepkos’ latest collection is by no means accidental, as the show offered futuristic and fairy-tale-like corsets, Schiaparelli-like, glowing crystal masks and theatrical hair accessories, together with richly ornamented lace bodysuits – all in an artistic tone, with models varying in gender, silhouettes, and age groups.


The textures – with sequins, frills, fringe, and decorative buttons, were just amazing, all meticulously mixed to create a fascinating, innovative whole. Celebrity Skin delivered a show which proved to be the definition of haute couture, and we’re more than honoured to have been able to experience it. 


Malan Breton A/W24

It’s been Breton’s first show here in Athens, and surely one to be remembered. The collection, inspired by the ‘70s Glam Rock era, was sexy, edgy, and powerful, bound to cause goosebumps, with the empowering, almost sinister music reverberating inside Zappeio Megaron.


Closing the second day of the FW, Malan Breton presented a series of form-fitting leather dresses, full-leather looks (from red to metallic silver and classic black), and glamorous evening gowns – silky and sensual, some of them almost devilish with their red and black colour palette and chic elbow-length gloves.


The look that stood out and stuck in the mind was the golden-brown feather outfit, which made the model look like a proud, majestic bird – a predatory one for sure. 


Paris Valtadoros & “Mystique” – Frilling, Frilling, and One More Time Frilling by the Lake Vouliagmeni 

It was probably the most magical and almost other-worldly setting, creating a unique experience, full of vibrant colours, massive platform heels, and layers (and layers!) of frilling. From more classic, black-and-white looks, to patchwork ruffle dresses with sensual cut-outs, and neon pink, orange, and yellow dresses of various lengths – but always with frills bouncing rhythmically to the electrifying beat in the background – Paris Valtadoros ended day three of Athens FW with a varied range of forms and inspirations.


Looking at the frilled sleeves (from white to grey, and Barbie-pink) and metallic platform heels, we just couldn’t help thinking of the 1970s iconic outfits. Watching the black-beige full-length dresses (inspired by traditional Greek togas) flowing in front of your eyes, with the runway just above the lake’s clear waters, and the nearby rocks in atmospheric dim light, the show created a truly sublime experience. 


And the Best Catwalk Award Goes to… L’ amour et L’ âme Atelier! 

Tuesday 23/04 saw the New Designers Awards HUAWEI FreeClip gala, during which three young designers were awarded for their fresh and promising ideas. One of them was L’ amour et L’ âme Atelier by Lamprini Mourouti, a brand specialising in bridal looks and jewellery.


Apart from classic white gowns, L’ amour et L’ âme Atelier offers colourful ones, like the coral, corset-like mini dress with a transparent trail we could see in the show. It also experiments with lingerie inspirations, making the dresses delicate and sensual – have a look at this half-transparent, sky-blue gown, which – together with the floral headband – makes the model nymph-like. We’ll definitely follow how the brand keeps contributing to bridal trends over the next seasons! 



Athens Fashion Week wasn’t just about marvelling at the looks from established designers and praising those from the upcoming ones.

Credits: Panoulis 

It was a broader, multi-layered experience, in which the Greek setting was invited into the fashion shows and vice versa, and which was both a tribute and a re-interpretation of ancient Greek heritage, as shown in the “Fashion & Olympic Games, Athens 2004-Paris 2024” exhibition.

Credits: Panoulis 

Opening the FW, the exhibition delved deep into rich Greek history, where fashion – with iconic looks of renowned Greek designers – sports, body cult, and mythology merge. 

Credits: Panoulis 

Written By Julia Sułkowska 


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