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A Guide to Golden-Hour Summer Skin

Glossier, Isle Of Paradise, Charlotte Tilbury and M.A.C

Nothing says summer like sitting under an evening sunset with a glass of sangria in hand, looking like a tanned, luminous goddess. Stepping into the sunny months gives you the perfect opportunity to give your skin that much deserved rest it needs. A chance to put down the foundation bottle and focus on getting that sun kissed, golden hour glow we all crave. Even though holidays have been put on hold for the short run (*tear runs down face*), there’s nothing stopping you from finding the perfect skincare products to create an irresistible evening glow. So, at Voir, we’ve given you a helping hand to achieve that ‘I’ve just left the Mediterranean’ vibe we so desperately need. No thanks wanted.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops £19.95 Bronzed skin is the epitome of summer. It really screams “I’ve been lying on a beach for the past two weeks.” While the sun usually does the trick, there is nothing wrong in going faux. Self-tanning drops allow you to create that custom tan for a beautifully bronzed look. Just by simply working a few of the drops into your skin, you are beach ready. Top tip: Go gradually with this. We are looking for sun-kissed, not satsuma. Shop the product on Beauty Bay

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow All-Year Hydrating Summer Tint Moisturiser £35.00 No one likes harsh foundation lines, especially in the summer. It’s just not a look we want in life. So, what’s great about this tinted moisturizer is that it adapts to your natural skin tone as you apply it. It gives you an instant glow, locks in the hydration and is super lightweight for the sun. No cake faces here! Shop the product at John Lewis

Glossier Super Glow £24.00 As the sun goes down, it’s your skins time to shine. And everybody loves a serum to do the job.

They’re moisturizing, lightweight and ideal for the summer. The Glossier Super Glow serum is infused with Vitamin C and Magnesium; the perfect duo for radiant, energized skin. Just by applying a little bit of this in the morning, you’ll have that ‘lit-from-within look’ by sunset. An absolute holy grail! Shop the product at Glossier

M.A.C Strobe Face Glaze


If you’re looking for one product to give off those holiday summer vibes, it’s highlighter. What we love about this glaze is that it gives off an iridescent, dewy glow without any excessive shimmer or sparkle that can sometimes look tacky. It contains ‘pearlescent particles’ to add dimension to your face. With this stuff, your skin is going to beam.

Shop the product at M.A.C Cosmetics

Fenty and Makeup Revolution

Fenty Beauty Gloss bomb – Universal Lip Luminizer £17 Glossy lips take centre stage when creating that summer skin glow. So, of course, this is where bad gal Rhi Rhi (aka Rihanna) steps in. We all love a bit of Fenty Beauty, so with one swipe of this Gloss Bomb, your lips will transform into fuller, dazzling smackers! Bonus: Its super shiny with a non-sticky formula, so that summer breeze won’t get in your way! Shop the product on Fenty Beauty

Makeup Revolution Molten Body Liquid Illuminator

£15.00 Don’t forget to give your body the evening glow it deserves as well! Just before you head outside to soak in the rest of the sun, apply this to your shoulders, arms, collarbones and even brow bones for a healthy glow! No wonder it’s described as ‘a beautiful body lava’.

Beware: You may need to pull out the shades with this one. You’ll be gleaming. Shop the product here at Revolution Beauty

Words by Clare Stephenson

Graphics by Katie Janes

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