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9 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team GET THE LOOK: Remembering 19 Years Without Aaliyah, A Tribute to an R&B Legend and Style Trendsetter

9 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

GET THE LOOK: Remembering 19 Years Without Aaliyah, A Tribute to an R&B Legend and Style Trendsetter

Aaliya images via Christophe Rihet,
Aaliyah images via Christophe Rihet, Getty, essence, Jeffrey Mayer, Pinterest

To commemorate 19 years since Aaliyah’s death, we are looking today at the star’s incredible fashion style and music which transcend time and are vivid in our memory.

In an interview from 2001 for “Plus Vite Que La Musique” (French channel M6), Aaliyah confessed that her dream had always been to become an entertainer. The star who was then in her early twenties, spoke about becoming a veteran of the industry at such a young age and said she was happy. By that point, Aaliyah had contributed immensely to ‘90s pop culture and her sudden death, only a month after the interview, has not stopped her memory to live on.

With great regret, the world lost an amazing role model for the young generation. Aaliyah was sweetness, determination, and mystery, all packed up in a deceivingly tiny and fragile figure. She was a fighter and she achieved her dream, recording double platinum albums (Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, One in a Million, Aaliyah) and tracks for popular movies IT, Anabelle and Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

Aaliyah- Age Aint Nothing But A Number Official Video

Becoming a world-renowned artist at only 15, Aaliyah was ready for the world with her soothing voice and her tomboy fashion style. It was new and out of the ordinary: all the baggy clothes drew attention to the face, to the person behind the clothes. Going through her teens, Aaliyah became keen on maintaining her figure and before long, the baggy jeans were paired with bralettes, crop tops and a low waist exposing underwear. Styled by Derek Lee and maintaining her natural mystery, Aaliyah became the symbol of sex appeal, which shined through her ghetto and masculine-inspired outfits.

Baby Girl became the inspiration for the popular fashion trends of today, the biggest one being athleisure – which is here to stay, especially amid the Coronavirus pandemic and rumours of a second wave. It is a weird time for fashion: comfortable, yet stylish; baggy, yet revealing; tomboy, yet feminine. And this is exactly what Aaliyah was all about and her allure was recognized in the fashion industry as well – take for example the iconic Tommy Hilfiger campaign from 1996 in which the star was featured.

Take inspiration from Aaliyah’s style and go for baggy jeans, low cuts, bright colours, monochrome outfits, and heavy jewellery. Paired with minimal to no makeup and your favourite dark lipstick, your tomboy-inspired looks will shield you. Check out our top three outfit pics below.

Look One: Casual Utility

Images via Christophe Rihet
Images via Christophe Rihet

Think athletic and chic. Invest in a pair of baggy crotch jeans and style them with a vibrant crop top or tank top for more coverage. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Not anymore, a belt is now your statement piece – so choose wisely. Complete the look with neutral sneakers and statement jewellery. Hoops are also a must!

Top: Manokhi, Cropped top, (£362.00)

Jeans: MM6 Maison Margiela, Blue Baggy Crotch Jeans, (£265.00)Boots: Gianvito Rossi, Brown Martis 20 Boots, (£825.00)

Bag: Fendi, Baguette monogram-print shoulder bag, (£1500.00)

Belt: Isabel Marant, Devis Belt, (£285.00)

Earrings: Portrait Report, Silver Sade Twist Hoop Earrings, (£255.00)

Bracelet: Alexander McQueen, Silver Thin Twin Skull Bracelet, (£150.00)

Look 2: Vibrance

Aaliyah image via Getty Images
Aaliyah image via Getty Images

Jacket: A.P.C. zipped up wind breaker, (£175-sale)

Trousers: Vivienne Westwood, Oh No Trousers Yellow, (£225.00- sale)

Underwear: Off-White, Black Lace Industrial Bustier Lingerie Set, (£525.00)

Boots: Dr. Martens, Black Jean-Michel Basquiat Edition, (£155.00)

Bag: Off White, Navy Nylon Duffle Bag, (£740.00)

Necklace: Justine Clenquet, Silver and Gold Jane Chocker (£70.00)

Ring: Isabel Marant, Gold Nirvana Ring Set, (£65.00)

Ring: Fendi, Gold Logo Ring, (£270.00)

Ring: Fendi, Gold Logo Ring, (£270.00)

Sunglasses: Michael Kors, Stowe Sunglasses, (£107.00)

Socks: Palm Angels, White Flame Socks, (£55.00)

Look 3: Neat and cool

Aaliyah image from essence
Aaliyah image from essence

Jacket: Kassl Editions, Reversible White Sheepskin Coat, (£1650.00)

Top: Heron Preston, Black Baby T-Shirt, (£140.00)

Trousers: Jerih, Black Aircraft Cargo Pants, (£540.00)

Bum Bag: Alexander Wang, White Mini Attica Fanny Pack, (£680)

Bag: Bottega Veneta, Black ‘The Chain Pouch’ Clutch, (£2645.00)

Belt: 1017 ALYX 9SM, Black Medium Rollercoaster Chain , (£1085.00)

Ring: Maison Margiela, Silver Thick Chain Ring, (£245.00)

Ring: Martine Ali, Silver Averi Ring, (£120.00)

Sunglasses: Rick Owens, Green Rick Sunglasses, (£625.00)

Black and white is our favourite combination – keep it monochrome but play with textures. Pair a puffer jacket with cargo trousers (for the oversized effect, always look in the men’s section, thank us later) and a crop top. Accessories are very important for this look as everything is so neat and toned down. Style with statement sunglasses and rings. Let your trousers drop on your hips (no high waist) to show a hint of underwear and completely expose your stomach (if you dare).

Words by Emilia Roman

Graphics by Latisha Fleckenstien


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