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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Get The Look: Lily James As Mrs De Winter In Netflix’s Rebecca Adaptation

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Get The Look: Lily James As Mrs De Winter In Netflix’s Rebecca Adaptation

When Netflix debuted Ben Wheatley’s take on author Daphne du Maurier’s classic thriller,
Rebecca, it received mixed reviews. Critics were sceptical of an additional Rebecca
adaptation following the success of the Alfred Hitchcock’s film in 1940 and questioned the
need for another retelling of the mysterious tale.

The story follows a young couple – the de Winter’s. The pair come from two very different
worlds. Maxim de Winter, a recent widow, lives a life of grandeur and is subjected to the
musings of high-society gossip. In Monte Carlo, Maxim (Armie Hammer) meets his heroine
while she is working as a campanion for the wealthy and cruel Mrs Van Hopper (Ann Dowd).
After a whirlwind romance, the couple wed and return home from their honeymoon, but
soon Mrs de Winter (Lily James) learns that her husband’s grand home in Manderley is
haunted by the memory of his late wife, Rebecca. Chaos ensues as the new Mrs de Winter
battles obsession and secrecy and the cold wrath of the housekeeper, Mrs Danvers (Kristen
Scott Thomas).

Whether audiences loved the film or preferred Hitchcock’s classic, there is no denying how
aesthetically stunning it is. The setting simply boasts of the beauty found in Europe and at
home in the UK.

Clothing is an integral puzzle piece of this adaptation and its aesthetic. The leading lady, Lily
James is no stranger to show-stopping costumes, previously starring in iconic films such as
Cinderella and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. Wheatley tasked costume designer, Julian
Day with the feat of creating a wardrobe fit for such a grand production. Transforming from
a poor travelling campanion to a Lady of the House in Manderley, Lily James’ style
dramatically develops over the course of the film. In France, while intoxicated by romance
James sports breathable silks, feminine dresses and flowing trousers. On return to
Manderley, embodying the harshness of the home, she opts for structured suits and
countryside tweed but no matter the backdrop, Mrs de Winter’s style has us obsessing over
1930s old Hollywood glamour. Here are some of our favourite Rebecca inspired looks

Look 1 – The Checkered Dress

The perfect midi dress can be styled casually or dressed up for a more formal affair. This
black and white checkered number strikes the perfect balance between femininity and
structured tailoring. Paired with a timeless straw hat and white ballet pumps, this outfit
begs for adventures in sunny Monte Carlo or smart-casual lockdown luncheons here in the

Look 2 – Floral Blouse’s paired with Linen Trousers

A pink floral blouse paired with easy, airy linen trousers – this chic Parisian inspired look is all
one could want when driving down the coast. Lily James shows us how a straw hat can be
styled time and time again. Ice cream, anyone?

Look 3 – The Suit and Beret Combo

Oh, to be strolling through the countryside in a tailored grey suit, lover in hand and beret to
complete the picture-perfect scene. We couldn’t resist styling our own version of this
sophisticated masterpiece using timeless wardrobe staples that will never go out of style.

Look 4 – Iconic Yellow Tweed

We’ve all fallen in love with tweed and plaid this season. Whether it’s a matching suit or a jacket
rocked solo, the catwalks have made it clear that tweed is an Autumn staple for 2020 and
nothing will capture attention quite like this bold yellow look.

Graphics and Edits by Millie Pollok


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