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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Get Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic Hair With Lolavie’s Latest Product

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Get Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic Hair With Lolavie’s Latest Product

Since the early 90s, Jennifer Aniston has been a huge style inspiration for many of us. One of the most iconic parts of Jen’s look is her hairstyling, which has left us with serious hair envy for decades. In September, Jennifer finally let us in on her hair secrets by launching her haircare brand Lolavie.  

Lolavie is gradually making its way into the hearts of haircare lovers, by intentionally dropping one product at a time to really focus on the reception the products receive. In September, it was announced that all products were to be plant-based and cruelty free. With formulations made up of naturally-derived ingredients, without parabens, silicones, sulfates, phthalates, and gluten. The brand’s formulations also use bamboo essence, instead of high contents of water, ensuring Lolavie’s products offer plenty of health benefits whilst having an eco-friendly approach of using less water. 

Speaking on finding the right ingredient formulations for Lolavie, Aniston said;

“The hardest part was having it work for everybody—everybody’s different and has a different routine. It was also making sure the ingredients were going to sustain health in your hair and not be short lived, like those that are packed with silicones or sulfates. When we got a new batch of samples, with different ingredients and different combinations of things, we handed [them] out to a group of friends who each have different heads of hair and got the report back from them. It was really interesting. It was a little bit of a puzzle. But I think we got to a place where it’s pretty universal.”

The brand’s first product, ‘The Glossing Detangler’, was launched on the 8th of September. Since then, the product has received raved reviews, due to the glorious formulation consisting of lemon extract and a superfruit complex and vegetable ceramides, giving a soft and smooth feeling to the hair, all whilst protecting your locks from heat with the vegan thermal shield. 

Today (October 27th), Lolavie has launched the brand’s second product, ‘Perfecting Leave-In’. The product functions as a leave-in conditioner, offering the hair a hydrating, fizz-fighting and smoothing formulation consisting of a superfruit complex, Rose of Jericho, Chia seeds and bamboo extract. Like the Detangler, the leave-in conditioner also has a vegan thermal shield to add a layer of heat protection. 

If you would like to achieve Jennifer Ansiton’s signature tousled locks, you can purchase and find more information on the Lolavie products here.

Words By Nadia Clasper

Photo Credit: Lolavie


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