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4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team February Horoscopes With Joanne Hope Psychic

4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

February Horoscopes With Joanne Hope Psychic

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we hope you have some plans underway to show love to yourself and others. To help you navigate your way through February, we have Joanne Hope’s Astrological readings for the next few weeks. If you would like a more in depth look into what the stars hold for you, you can book a a reading here.

♈️ Aries 

February brings a welcome change for the fast moving Aries, as the pace picks up in your life you can enjoy making plans again and may even be looking to travel a lot more often. Maintain all the improvements made from last year and continue to devote your time and effort to achieve your goals, they are closer than you think. Love asks you to look at how you can bring about more quality time this month to dedicate to your love life so you can realise your heartfelt dreams. Make Valentine’s Day a focal point to express your true feelings. 

Lucky Colour   Pink
Lucky Crystal  Diamond

♉️ Taurus 

February brings you to a place of calm and serenity, this month take a deep breath and can be finally left to your own devices. The sky’s the limit as your decisions are balanced, and you can rest assured you are loved and protected by those that adore you. Good energy is your winter gift to others as you find yourself in a much better position to express it. Love can spoil you with lots of surprises and returns all the love you have given right back to you. Enjoy St.Valentine’s day and let it encourage you to go out on a limb and let that special someone know how much you admire them. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by being the best version of yourself and have someone truly love you for it.  
Lucky Colour   Blue

Lucky Crystal  Sapphire 

♊️ Gemini 

Photography – Prada SS22 1993

The twins are preparing to fly high this month as February heralds a fresh start for you. The dark before the dawn period is over and you can emerge wiser and more in control of your destiny. Trust your eye for details as the good improvements you have made really show, and there is a certain perfection in everything you do. Love speaks of a date with destiny so be open to meeting love unexpectedly and believe you can be all that you want to be in a relationship. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for you to step forward and find the courage to express your love. 
Lucky Colour   Yellow

Lucky Crystal   Citrine

♋️ Cancer

Photography – Celine

This month helps you master your fate so you can move into February not just knowing, but feeling like the great leader you are. It is time to reach deep down inside yourself and bring out that special brand that represents you, navigating your way through life in a multidimensional, multicoloured, multiverse of amazingness. This month helps you master your fate so you can move into February not just knowing, but feeling like the great leader you are. Love asks you to be romantically minded and to open up to the possibility that you will be with your soulmate. The inner power to love and be loved deeply is key to you having a stable relationship, authentic feelings are a must emotionally, so you can be fussy, but keep your heart and mind open.

Lucky Colour   White

Lucky Crystal   Moonstone 

♌️ Leo

This month brings a lot more exciting prospects for you Leo, February will turn things around in your favour and help you climb the ladder of success. Be mindful of how much joy you bring to others in their times of trouble and also take stock of your triumphant moments, just by having faith in yourself you have literally moved mountains. If you feel like dancing with life it will dance with you, it’s the time to be bold and attract the attention of those that are destined to be with you. Love asks you to be gentle on yourself and allow others to show you how much they love you. Relax and be open to lovely surprises as Valentine’s Day approaches, you have romantic thoughts more and more make the most of it heart felt Leo.  

Lucky Colour    Red
Lucky Crystal   Ruby

♍️ Virgo

Miracles do happen, and as February steps in and takes you in the right direction, you will experience light at the end of the tunnel. Travel, and the outdoors will be beckoning you to plan and go, even prioritising a short break from your normal routine will help you reset and make the most of this exciting month ahead. Your instincts at work serve you well and the rewards are profitable. Love is asking you to make a wish on Valentine’s Day and also celebrate your blessings Virgo, you have the power to attract the happiness and love you deserve and all those magical, positive dreams within you will become possible, never stop believing. 
Lucky Colour   Green
Lucky Crystal   Jade

♎️ Libra

Fellowship is indicated this month, you begin to create a better social calendar and have a lot more freedom to be the social butterfly you were destined to be. Others will be thankful for your time and attention, helping you to recognise the influence and impact you have on them is immense, and for the greater good, leaving you feeling inspired and refreshed. St.Valentine is pointing the way to happiness, if you are looking for love, following your true feelings will lead you to it, being your adorable self is always enough to attract a mutual happy partnership and love life, for extra luck ask St.Valentine for his blessings. 

Lucky Colour   Purple 
Lucky Crystal  Amethyst 

♏️ Scorpio 

Your intuitive self will operate at full speed ahead this month as February brings clarity to your plans and opens up opportunities for growth. Ever the optimist, Scorpio, you have survived difficulty with dignity and strength and now will see the benefits of that approach. Love is asking you to make a new happy chapter happen as the key to love is very much in your hands. Bringing the magic back into your love life can have a profound effect on your experience in love, and as St. Valentine’s influence approaches he will certainly give you some help to do that!

Lucky Colour    Silver 

Lucky Crystal   Moonstone 

♐️ Sagittarius 

Carla Bruni Chanel ss94 Photography – Condé Nast Archive

Hope brings you a new and fresh approach to your plans as you can now start to emerge from a long period of uncertainty into a period of luck and prosperity. Being practical this month with your personal self and self care you can reinforce your destiny and move forward in your life. Trust your feelings especially with your family and know you are looked upon as an example to follow and you are very much needed to keep everything in good balance. Love asks you to engage with conversations and have a heart to heart, leading you to realise a relationship is more meaningful than you thought, Valentine’s day is a good day to start. 

Lucky Colour   Black
Lucky Crystal    Obsidian   

♑️ Capricorn 

February will help you with new ideas and also help make them happen, creativity is the key to your success as your inspiration is calling for you to follow through and produce your own ideas, turning your dreams into a reality. Living life in a more comfortable way is a pleasure this month gives you, because you have made progress you can use your time much more efficiently, giving you that much needed break. Love asks you to look forward to a happy future and to be inspired by your amazing self and all that you have to give in a relationship. 

Lucky Colour    Turquoise 

Lucky Crystal   Aquamarine 

♒️ Aquarius 

Progress is being made by the wise Aquarius this month, you have played your cards right and are now reaping the rewards. Spread your wings and know you have the power to be what you want to be. The life choices you have made will stand you in good stead, you are on your way to a successful future and can be very proud of yourself. Enjoy your birthday and let others spoil you but also don’t forget to spoil yourself. Your love and affection attracts very good energy and also secures the one you love. A very romantic Valentine’s Day can be had with all the bells and whistles included. 

Lucky Colour   Orange
Lucky Crystal  Carnelian 

♓️ Pisces

February for Pisces – especially those with a birthday, heralds a new beginning with new ideas and plans. This new chapter brings change and improvements giving you a head start on making your dearest wishes come true, make sure you include a wish for your highest good. This month you will be busy getting rid of old ideas and thoughts, any de-cluttering things that no longer serve you and can be discarded, giving you a more balanced, almost holistic outlook on your life that brings a lot of harmony and happiness to you. Love is leading you to romantic ideas that are uplifting and inspiring and ultimately healing so swim in the deep ocean of love and the magic can happen. 
Lucky Colour    Gold

Lucky Crystal   Fools Gold

Words By Joanne Hope

Photo Credit Fendi SS93 Collection


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