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12 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Everything You Need to Know About Dua Lipa’s Latest Drop ‘Future Nostalgia’

12 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Everything You Need to Know About Dua Lipa’s Latest Drop ‘Future Nostalgia’

A collage of Dua Lipa
A collage of Dua Lipa

If you were having any problems dancing on your own, no worries Dua Lipa’s new album is here and we can’t help but bop to this hypnotic beat. The new album ‘Future Nostalgia’ has secured Dua Lipa’s title as Britain’s most successful female pop star. Get ready for this female alpha to sing and dance with you through this quarantine. One of the few albums of new music out there. ‘Future Nostalgia’ has managed to generate a lot of hype especially after being leaked earlier this month and forced into an early release. Dua Lipa has proven with ‘Future Nostalgia’ that she is deserving of the excitement surrounding her artistry by producing a truly invigorating, and gripping record from start to finish and we couldn’t be more grateful. Without saying much more, let’s take a dive into our top tracks from this album. Track 2 – Don’t Start Now 9/10 The lead single, and possibly the biggest hit, from ‘Future Nostalgia’, is definitely worthy of its success. The song opens with a softer vocal enticing the listener in, before hurling them into the seductive bass of the track, once again. The stirring orchestra in the pre-chorus, rousing simplicity of the chorus and use of a broken word bridge and outro make the song exhilarating and alluring, giving the listener little choice but to at least somewhat dance along. Track 3 – Cool 8/10Opting for a more electronic opening, ‘Cool’ offers a soft, sultry summery sound. The bass in the chorus is more abrupt than in previous tracks yet still invites the listener to dance. Dua’s softer voice and playful lyrics compliment the track perfectly. “I guess I’m ready for the summer” sings Dua, and yes after listening to this song so are we. Track 4 – Physical 10/10 Physical is by far one of the best songs on this record. The heavy, futuristic yet 80s infused beat immediately electrifies the listener and the synth-heavy chorus is both thrilling and refreshing. Dua’s vocals are extremely strong on this track, possibly the best on the album, with the slightest nod to Xtina’s iconic growls and yelps. Dua is dancing the night away with the listener on the most unapologetically pop song on the album, and singing flawlessly whilst doing so.

A collage of Dua Lipa
A collage of Dua Lipa

Track 7 – Hallucinate 9/10‘Hallucinate’ offers a faster, dancier and much more disco relief to the previous slower tracks. Much like the title of the track, Dua manages to guide the listener through a gripping hallucination. During the pre-chorus, Dua’s soft vocals gradually begin to fade, beguiling the listener into the track before throwing you into an invigorating sonic whirlwind, consisting of the familiar intoxicating bassline, electric guitar and Dua’s euphoric vocals help to make the track as enthralling as it is enchanting.

Track 9 – Break My Heart 10/10 Just when you begin to think it can’t get any better, you are graced with ‘Break My Heart’. The song manages to encompass the alluring disco of ‘Don’t Start Now’ and adds to it with both a more enthralling bassline and more playful vocals creating a cohesive sound throughout the track. A truly 21st century reinvigorated disco sound, one that is both timeless and current. Effortlessly captivating and definitely a highlight of the album. Track 11 – Boys Will Be Boys 8/10 This song, an interesting closer to such a carefree and dance-heavy record, sees Dua explore the hardships of femininity in the 21st century. Challenging society’s norms and expectations and calling on us all to do better to combat inequality. The lyrics are moving and, at some times, uncomfortably true for many listeners. This song acts as a reminder to the listener that after the part, this is the reality that many women face. It’s a dark yet perceptive direction for Dua, but one that should be applauded for its bravery.

The Verdict The album has showcased an accomplished, sassy pop artist hungry to show the world that she is more from her first album One that I can only see success for in the future. ‘Future Nostalgia’ sound is certainly more mature and developed from her previous album and offers an insight into her growth as an artist, whilst also offering a new refreshing and thrilling sound that has managed to influence music trends since the release of ‘Don’t Start Now’. Keep us dancing Dua.

Words by Joe Gardner

Graphics by Katie Janes

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