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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team Everything We Know About Season 2 Of Emily In Paris

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Everything We Know About Season 2 Of Emily In Paris

If you are anything like us, season one of Emily In Paris would have had you dreaming about the city of love and anticipating the quirks season two would bring Emily’s way. Well, it is finally here, with the official season two trailer being released on the 18th of November, and it appears we are in for one hell of a season.

To recap- the show follows Emily (played by Lily Collins), a determined American in her 20s navigating her way through her new life in Paris, as she attempts to bring an American point of view to ‘Savoir’, a French marketing firm. Of course, life isn’t always so simple, and Emily struggles with adjusting to French culture, friendships and love. 

Season one ended with Emily spending a night of lust and passion with her neighbour Garbiel, leaving us all in suspense about how Emily would handle this infatuation. The trailer of season two starts by letting us in on how she feels, with Emily describing her night with Gabriel as “the most incredible night of sex that I have ever had in my entire life”.

However, as the trailer proceeds, we see life isn’t all roses for Emily. She goes on to exclaim “I used to be so decisive, but since I moved to Paris, my life has been chaotic, dramatic and complicated”. We see that Emily is struggling between caring about others feelings and making decisions that will benefit her. 

It becomes apparent that Emily’s close friend, Mindy, is there for her at every twist and turn of her Paris journey. In the trailer, it comes across that this friendship is what inspires Emily to follow her heart, pushing her to make the right decisions. 

The trailer closes with Sylvie (Emily’s boss) prompting her to make the most of her time in Paris, saying; 

“You have the rest of your life to be as dull as you wish. But, while you’re here, fall in love. Make mistakes. If you’re gonna do Paris for one year, for god’s sake, do it right!”

We are so excited to see if Emily follows Sylvie’s advice, and will eagerly await the show’s release on the 22nd of December exclusively on Netflix. 

Words By Nadia Clasper

Photo Credit: Lily Collins Instagram


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