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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team Everything We Know About January’s Fashion Trend Forecast

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Everything We Know About January’s Fashion Trend Forecast

As 2021 nears it’s close and we swiftly approach the new year, there are a few trends we’ve picked up along the way. Some are here to stay, others we will be happy to wave goodbye to, and most importantly, there are ones that we predict will take a rise in 2022. So, whilst the skirts get shorter, and the trousers get baggier, with comfort remaining key, play is on the rise. To delve deeper into the trends that are to come, here is Voir’s January Trend Forecast.

Body Jewellery  

Accessories for our bodies have been adorned by our favourite celebs on Instagram as of late, but now we are taking note too. Belly chains and buckle belts are just some of the body jewels we will be experimenting with when January arrives.


Quilted coats have started appearing in just about every store (high street or designer) but our  prediction is that this trend isn’t stopping at outerwear. Come January we are likely to be seeing this quilted fabric used for tops, trousers, and even shoes too! 

 Baggy Trousers 

As January 1st hits, the baggy trouser style that picked up steam in 2021 will be getting bigger and baggier. While 2021 saw the style mostly in the shape of jeans and cargos, 2022 is likely to introduce the baggy fit to different fabrics such as satin and velvet.  

Belts, Buckles and Chains  

With the return of Mugler and brands alike, bondage-inspired fashion has recently come into our  periphery as we re-embrace vintage fashion from the past. In line with the style, we’re expecting  to see belts, buckles, chains, and corsets galore all over the streets in less than a months time. 

Playful Jewellery 

The past year has seen our love for jewellery get even more playful and creative than ever before.  With brands such as La Manso and Eliou bringing colour and fun to our Instagram feeds, it is  inevitable that this trend is going to get bolder and brighter in the new year! 

Low Rise Jeans  

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there is no doubt in our minds that low rise jeans will be back in the new year! Having taken a hiatus since the early noughties, the Y2K trend is back and it’s better than ever, thanks to the likes of Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski who can often be found sporting the style to their millions of followers online.


After the year we’ve all had, comfort is key. So, it’s no surprise that we have reverted back to loving the clog. With fluffy iterations of the sought after shoe now becoming available, these are the  perfect cosy shoe for the January chill and beyond.

Words By Ella Citron-Thompkins

Photo Credit: Killia Kate Instagram


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