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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Eros Unveiled: DI PETSA’s New Collection Debuts At London Fashion Week

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Eros Unveiled: DI PETSA’s New Collection Debuts At London Fashion Week

DI PETSA’s new pre-SS25 capsule collection that debuted during London Fashion Week June is a beautiful, new collection that aims to look at the interaction between the male and female in the context of bridal fashion, with references to Ancient Greece throughout – with Eros, the Greek god of love and sex, at the centre of the collection. 


The campaign attempts to bring together Bridal, Swim, and Menswear in a romantic collection that uses DI PETSA’s signature wetlook drapery. Think of ancient Greek sculpture work as you take in this campaign, looking at the way the marble work of statues such as Aphrodite of Milos or Ermis of Samothraki reflects in the craftsmanship of the drapery of the fabric, the wetlook mirroring the marble clothing that adorns the statues. With these references, DI PETSA incorporates wedding rituals whilst also subverting traditional gender roles, exploring the male and female dynamic by showing a raw and unfiltered emotion in the models, with men aggressively reaching for bouquets of flowers as their tears merge with the fabric of their garments against a stark, black background whilst women appear in a much calmer, neutral manner as they move sensually and in harmony with each other. 


The campaign was headed by photographer Louisa Vradi and art directed by Christos Petritzis (Ruins Agency), masterfully shooting, and interpreting the heightened emotional state of falling in love through a mythological lens. Through this interpretation, we see DI PETSA exploring the arena of menswear for the first time. The brand has previously specialised in womenswear, therefore this new chapter for DI PETSA presents an exciting vision through DI PETSA’s lens of how menswear can be interpreted. Their use of the wetlook drapery in clothing intended for male-use garments will hopefully leave room for wider interpretation of menswear for the brand, perhaps for their main SS25 collection. 


This campaign, titled Wet Brides Act II – Eros in Pain, entails 20 looks – playing into bridalwear with all-white pieces, styled with gold accents via jewellery and chains. Shell-shaped pieces and healing moonstone crystals also feature throughout the collection. DI PETSA’s first venture in menswear in this collection saw a wetlook two-piece trouser set with carefully draped, full length trousers and a cropped shirt with a peak of collarbone.


Draped, white shirts and tiny, lace-up swim shorts also appeared in the menswear selection, igniting a sense of femininity amongst the womenswear we also see throughout the campaign. Beautiful, white dresses and bikinis allude to the bridalwear that lies at the heart of the collection, with strong references to Aphrodite and her fountain via the wetlook drapery and silhouettes of the dresses that appear akin to the dresses worn in Greek scripture and drawings of ancient Greek gods and goddesses.


The womenswear is intricately adorned with clear, crystal embroidery and held together with gold jewellery chains, beautifully creating a sense of ethereality, and narrating a story of transformative love and desire where vulnerability meets strength in men’s and womenswear. 

DI PETSA invites you to experience “the pain and transformative power of love” which dresses but also undresses emotions, making visible the invisible currents between us, clothes soaked in emotion. 

The film campaign can be found here

Written By Bethan Gwynne


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