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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Discovering Instagram Skincare Brands

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Discovering Instagram Skincare Brands

With every update, Instagram is changing and evolving. The shopping feature is the
latest update that Instagram has brought us. Now, it has become even easier to
shop the beauty and fashion brands you know and love. This feature also enables
you to be able to discover new and exciting brands. Supporting smaller brands is so
important. Especially because brands starting up are often more sustainable and
conscious of their impact on the environment. Here is a roundup of all the up-and-coming skincare brands you need to follow.


Our adult lives often bring us tiredness. To help combat this, founders Anton and
Alex decided to create Wake Skincare. They responsibly source their ingredients
and use glass bottles helping to reduce plastic waste. Their highly rated Wake Eye
Gel targets dark circles that come from early starts and late nights. It works to keep
the skin hydrated after looking at screens for long periods. With life moving at full
speed, our skin can become tired and blemish-prone. However, Wake Face Cream
reduces any blemishes and targets fine lines caused by irregular sleeping patterns.
Wake up your skin with these environmentally aware products.


Perl Cosmetics is a brand just starting that launched in May 2020. The face behind
the brand, Isobel Perl, has combined her love of science and skincare to create Perl
Cosmetics. The mission of this brand is to give you the confidence to glow in your
skin. Their hero product is the Pearl Powder Pink Clay Mask. The face mask is 100%
natural and handmade in the UK. With ingredients such as kaolin clay, pearl powder
and aloe vera, this face mask will give your skin a beautiful glow. Gaining a lot of
positive attention on Tik Tok (@perlcosmetics), this brand is one to watch.


Inclusive and ethical, this UK skincare brand is all about being kind to the skin and
the planet too. The key attribute to this skincare brand is that they consider melanin-rich skin. Black skin tends to be more susceptible to extreme dryness. Therefore, Cocoa Skincare has created products that target dry and sensitive skin. Their products are gentle and not damaging to the skin barrier. The Cocoa Shea Body
Butter is their most popular product with high ratings from customers. Also, to offer,
they have the Green Tea Detox & Brighten 3 in 1 Cleanser that works to cleanse,
detoxify and exfoliate. Once your product is empty, you can send it back to them to
be recycled. Natural, eco-friendly and promoting self-love, this brand does it all.


Deviant Skincare has thrown gender, age, and trends out the window, focusing solely
on effective formulas and providing real results. Their mission is to create products
for everyone. The Gentle Resurfacing Liquid is one of their popular products as it’s
an AHA-based exfoliator that is gentle on the skin. Conscious of the environment
around them, Deviant Skincare actively finds ways to become as sustainable as
possible. Such as the ingredients used are carefully considered. They ensure their
suppliers focus on minimising environmental pollution. They have also thought about
their packaging, ensuring the tissue paper and postal boxes are fully recyclable.
Their sleek black packaging will look amazing on your skincare shelf.


Vegan and cruelty-free, Monday Muse concentrates on creating products that look
after reactive skin, minimising any risk of irritation. The Nectar is one of two products
that are currently available. It is a vitamin facial oil that works well with oily skin and
combination skin. They put skin health first with a formulation that protects the barrier
of the skin. Not only this, but they also back up their skincare products with science
and factual information. Monday Muse cares about the individual, helping you enjoy
your life without being concerned about your skin. Head over to @mondaymuse.skin
on Instagram to find out their tips on dealing with all skin concerns. Additionally, keep
an eye out for their new product launch coming soon.


Founded in 2016, Kaloneu is a skincare brand based around the idea that beauty is
more than skin deep. The founder, Aina, could not find a single product that helped
her cystic acne. Therefore, she decided to create products herself. The Glow Serum
has become one of Kaloneu’s best-selling products that effectively combats acne
and brightens up the skin. 100% natural, this serum is multipurpose; it can be a
serum, an oil cleanser or mixed in with your foundation. All the products from
Kaloneu are vegan, cruelty-free and hand-crafted.


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