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4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Digital London Fashion Week 2020: All the Eye-Catching Moments from Day One

4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Digital London Fashion Week 2020: All the Eye-Catching Moments from Day One

Michael Halpern SS2021
Michael Halpern SS2021


Vivid, bold and impactful: Halpern’s 2021 collection is a love affair furbished in colour, pattern and texture. The ready-to-wear collection, debuted via film and portraits, specifically salutes front line workers by spotlighting eight women who work within the public sector. Halpern’s blend between fashion and our contemporary human experience places emphasis on the power of humanity: the cruciality in staying positive and seeing life perhaps through rose-tinted glasses.

Halpern Spring-summer 21 collection

Shot in front of a Shona Heath piece, the set exudes joy and exuberance. In combination with Halpern’s choice of models, it is evident that his collection is rooted not in distant and theoretical fashion but rather in an upfront appreciation of the dynamism and fun of people and life. Much like other London Fashion Week collections, Halpern appears unquestionably influenced by our experiences with the Pandemic. There is a notable process to Halpern’s London Fashion Week video: his designs draw attention to his models, and his models accentuate his message of recognition. Yet alongside his recognition of essential workers, his collection radiates optimism: the colorful and extravagant palette leaves no space for negativity. In light of our recent times (the isolation, hardship, and sorrow stemming from a global pandemic) Halpern’s collection offers a breath of fresh air – an intention he recognised in the importance of Fashion, saying it ‘should prop people up and give people a break, especially when they’ve been having such a terrible time’.

Halpern Spring Summer 21 ‘Key Workers’

Playing with the silhouette, manipulating shapes and angles, clashing colours, using fabric to tell a story: Halpern’s Spring 2021 is a powerful reflection on the strength of humanity, and a timely reminder for the importance of optimism.

Halpern SS21 Collection


Vinti Andrews’ Spring Summer 2021 collection bleeds with originality; Vinti Andrews’ London Fashion Week Film overflows with a rawness and non-conformity found only in the juxtapositions within British culture. Dominated by a focus on re-purposing, Vinti Andrew’s collection is an innovative merge between fashion and art – each garment standing alone as a collage of cutting textures, patterns and shapes. Resultingly, Vinti Andrews’ collection is a thrilling rebellion against the fast fashion industry.

Vinti Andrews SS21 Collection

Spliced between influences, Vinti Andrews plays with cohesion. They play with purpose, isolating fashion from its meaning, gifting it freedom. This is a motive which exudes through their London Fashion Week film, in which models amalgamate with nature, embodying a frankness so unembellished that it is only achievable through a separation from fashion standards.

Vinti Andrews SS21 Collection

The Vinti Andrews collection explores what it means to be a garment of clothing and, most importantly, what it means to be a buyer of fashion. It is conscious; it is revolutionary; it is ever-present.

Vinti Andrews Spring/Summer 21 Collection


RIXO’S 2021 ARIEL collection is a warm, printed jollification for the art and joy of fashion. Immersed in colours and patterns, each limited piece is rich with beauty and detail. Born out of a passion for Vintage, RIXO is grounded in the timelessness of Vintage clothing, the affection and comfort gained when investing in a piece of clothing that is steeped in history. RIXO’s relationship with clothes – creating them to empower women – shines through their collection, creating garments of love, art, and joy.

Rixo Ariel 2021 Collection


on-off ss21 collection

ALL POWER TO THE IMAGINATION’… ‘They said we couldn’t do it But we did it anyway’… ‘They asked for identification And we said **** your labels’ … ‘It’s not about being locked into the system It’s about freedom of artistic expression’. Lee Lapthorne’s ON|OFF Spring Summer 2021 video collection (for London Fashion Week 2020) spoke words of strength and defiance – two qualities strongly reflected in their latest collection. A mirage of detail and texture, ON|OFF’s digital showcase is an artistry that embodies a fearless alliance to expression, and a determination to create unrestricted fashion. Compounded with Yos Clarke’s narration, it is evident that each piece is a reaction to the industry: a defiance of its demands and rules and limitations. ON|OFF’s collection comprises simply of works of art.


Vivienne Westwood ss21

Showcased by a wide cast of activists, models and artists, including Kai-Isaiah Jamal, Georgia Palmer and Isamaya Ffrench, Vivienne’s latest collection is a testimony to recognising the current climate and the hardship that we have all ensured over the last few months. The collection is captured by Louis Simonon and narrated by Brian Nasty to showcase the designers spring/summer 2021 designs. Words cannot even describe the punk-infused direction, nesign and narration of this launch. Let alone the societal and economical message that lyes behind.

Vivienne Westwood ss21

Words by Hannah Emery


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