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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team Diesel x Swarovski: The Raw Hem and Crystal Mashup

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Diesel x Swarovski: The Raw Hem and Crystal Mashup

Pieces From the Diesel x Swarovski Collaboration
Pieces From the Diesel x Swarovski Collaboration

The precise, delicate world of Swarovski has collided with the urban, ‘grungy’ aesthetic Diesel and is famous for resulting in a surprising yet effective mash-up of raw hems and crystals for Diesel’s holiday 2019 collection.

The 5-piece collection’s basic blueprint screams the brand’s signature style. Staying true to their stripped-back urban roots with 5 ‘classically Diesel’ pieces, all designed with strong silhouettes that are fashioned from top quality black denim, giving them a quiet confidence underneath the embellishment.

The bustier-style top, though simple in design, is rich in detail. Its classic shape is enhanced with exposed stitching on all the seams, which is the perfect amount of detailing underneath the glistening Swarovski crystals. The top is pulled together with a chunky industrial-looking two-way zip, bringing the (otherwise quite dainty) top right back to Diesel’s urban aesthetic.

Denim shorts with Swarovski crystals (£750)
Denim shorts with Swarovski crystals (£750)

Densely packed crystals on the waist of the high-waisted shorts become increasingly interspersed as they fall down to the raw-cut hem. The intricate detailing that is a subtle reminder of the quality that is at the foundation of both Diesel and Swarovski.

Of course, the collection had to feature a Swarovski-fied version of Diesel’s iconic Babhila fit jeans. Mirroring the placement of crystals on the shorts, with the focus on the waist, cascading down the hips before elegantly fizzling out allowing the premium denim to take centre stage on the legs.

Slim - Babhila (£990.00)
Slim – Babhila (£990.00)

The three garments are joined by a duo of accessories; a black denim baseball cap with a myriad of tonal Swarovski crystals falling from the top in an organised chaos, and a statement denim belt which is essentially a decapitated pair of jeans. The deconstructed jeans-come-belt’s slightly frayed hem exposes just the right amount of pocket from underneath giving the piece an effortless cutting-edge ‘street’ feeling. Both accessories pair together to give the boldly classic silhouettes of the collection an overall feeling of underground, raw edginess.

The dark grungy denim contrasting with the delicately scattered, moodily black Swarovski crystals alludes to the cyber world of hacking and overall, oozes a sense of urban nocturnal glamour. A gentrified appreciation of streetwear at its finest!

Words by Ella Winfield

Graphics by Ella Winfield


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