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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Didu Rewrites the Rules of High Fashion This AW22

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Didu Rewrites the Rules of High Fashion This AW22

How do we arrive at self-mastery? How do we embrace each aspect of our inner selves
through what we wear? Who are we?

These were just some of the questions designer Di Du sought to answer through her ‘Lost in
Transition’ AW22 collection. This Paris Fashion Week, the Shanghai-based designer rewrote
the rules of high fashion with a film and live presentation of her fantastical womenswear

After establishing in 2018, the brand dedicated itself to celebrating female futurism, a value
that shines through in the world-famous influencers who have recently adorned Didu’s
eccentric garments. The label’s clothing has been flaunted on the Instagrams of Kiko
Mizuhara- an influencer known for her extraterrestrial style- to Lil Miquela, an influencer so
futuristic she’s computer-programmed.

Didu took her futuristic fashion memo to new heights in her A/W video show and
presentation at Paris Fashion Week 2022. The garments were cultivated to represent visual
poems as each electric outfit celebrated the multitude of personalities that lie within us. The
representation of our many egos was evident in the collection: casual ripped jumpers were
followed by an extravagant feathered gown and savage black boots juxtaposed the
innocence of white sheer shirts. The collection stood to celebrate the multifaceted nature of
human beings.

Didu’s magnificent Paris Fashion Week video showcase was charming from start to finish.
Going beyond fantasy, the alluring show started in an enchanted forest, a fitting setting for a
collection that was plucked straight from a fairytale. The first outfit displayed was a leather
biker jacket- a surprisingly orthodox attire- but likely an intentionally modern and western
look to contrast the off-beat futuristic garments to come.

As the show progressed, the looks only got zanier. Models like Si Qian wore leather boots in
a different length on each leg and Tinkerbelle-style skirts were trimmed to fit the trending
‘ultra-mini’ length. But Didu’s use of fur was the element of the collection that made it so
spectacular. The designer has a skill for incorporating fur onto any garment or material
without making it obvious or tasteless. Denim skirts were adorned with cream fur trims, while
knee-length boots and sleeves were made entirely from the fluffy fabric. So fur lovers, this
collection is for you!

Even if outlandish and bold doesn’t sound like a description of your day-to-day style choice,
Didu’s FW22 beige maxi skirts and flared jeans are perfect for adding a funky twist to your
daily look without donning full extraterrestrial attire every day. But if you are looking to amp
up your style game and implement some risque bright leather pieces into your wardrobe, the
collection is made for you. As Di Du says “ as we adopt a new reality, so should our

Words By Olivia Booth

Photo credits: Hypebae


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