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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team Deuxmoi, The Real Life Gossip Girl

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Deuxmoi, The Real Life Gossip Girl

Photo credits: Alasdair McLellan, Amy Sussman GETTY IMAGES, Repeller, STOCKSY and File Photo
Photo credits: Alasdair McLellan, Amy Sussman GETTY IMAGES, Repeller, STOCKSY and File Photo

Everything you need to know about the current gossip page everyone’s obsessing over

You’ve probably heard about Kim Kardashian rumoured divorce from Kanye West, about
Zoe Kravitz possible new romance with Channing Tatum or even about Luka Sabbat’s latest
movie project with Duke Nicholson.

Want to know what all of these have in common? Well, they’ve all surfaced thanks to Deuxmoi, the hottest gossip Instagram of the moment. Since its inception, last March Deuxmoi has become one of the main sources of celebrity gossip and entertainment with over 570K followers. The Instagram account described as the “curators of pop culture” receives user-submitted scoops on your favourite A-list personalities, from simple sightings to random details of their private lives. Whether these result to be true or not is still unknown, and to be frank, of little interest to its followers.

Most of the trending information shared is often unconfirmed or based on assumptions of anonymous individuals. Sometimes it even becomes a guessing game, putting a name to the
faces mentioned in the stories, since in some cases the details shared are too compromising or
just explicit to actually reveal the identity of the celebrity in question.

So it is curious to see that even if we’re all aware of this it does not stop us, its followers,
from checking out the plenty of stories uploaded and taking part in the game. Oh, and the
most alluring part of it all? Its exclusivity of course. Deuxmoi is a private Instagram account
which means that to be part of the community you have to be accepted in and there’s no other
way around it or anyone else to resort to in the case that you’re not.

As explained by the mysterious owner herself in a recent interview with Bustle, many
celebrities actually form part of this community as well but they just decide to do it
undercover, using their finstas instead of their main accounts. “ They don’t want people to see that they’re following the account, I guess. It’s like a dirty little secret.”

But surprisingly this isn’t everyone’s case, Hailey Bieber herself has admitted of being a
reader of Deuxmoi. Through her Instagram stories last month she let everyone know that she
believes she’s discovered the identity of the anonymous woman running the account, but of
course, without letting us know who her suspect is. And we’ll probably never know, or at
least we hope not to… What fun would there be afterwards? Afterall the account isn’t about
the person who runs it but about the mystery surrounding it.

If you’re looking for a diversion from your daily life, an entertaining way to distract yourself from this overwhelming lockdown, following Deuxmoi might be a good idea (if you aren’t
already). Keeping up with our own version ‘Gossip Girl’ can be an efficient way of escapism.
But don’t forget that at the end of the way that’s all it is, gossip on the rich and famous as a
way to divert from the mundane.

Photo Credits: Deuxmoi.world
Photo Credits: Deuxmoi.world

Words by Chiara Ferrari, Graphics by Millie Pollok


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