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3 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Curtain Bangs are the Hottest Haircut this Autumn and Here’s Why

3 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Curtain Bangs are the Hottest Haircut this Autumn and Here’s Why

Photo Credits: Arnold Jerocki/ Getty Images
Photo Credits: Arnold Jerocki/ Getty Images

Let us collectively rejoice in the fact the hairdresser’s doors are open once more, ready to fix our overgrown roots and lockdown split ends. We could all use a nice pamper after the uncertainty of 2020 and what better way to treat ourselves than with a new look. Byrdie reported in 2017 that Pinterest searches for the term ‘Curtain Bangs’ were up by a staggering 600% and it seems this year has reignited our love for the trend. And it’s not just Pinterest, a quick scroll through Instagram or TikTok will confirm that this season we have fallen head over heels for the curtain bang.

For those who haven’t been obsessing over this new cut, let us explain: the curtain bang features a middle parting and two shorter framing pieces either side of the face. Far easier to maintain than a full fringe and a lot more versatile too; the curtain bang is a perfect match for anyone looking to spice up their look without making a huge commitment to a brand-new style.

But what is so special about the curtain bang? (Or, the Bardot fringe if we are getting technical) Well, for a start they are effortless and require very little styling. The best bit about the bangs is that they are supposed to look a little shaggy; meaning that even on hair wash day they will be looking fashion-forward.

Spontaneously cutting a fridge has garnered a peculiar reputation overtime and the stereotype suggests they are only suitable for those experiencing a mid-life crisis or a bad breakup. This reputation is finally changing, and it could in part be due to the goddess of the full fringe herself, Daisy Edgar-Jones who recently graced our screens in the critically acclaimed BBC Drama Normal People.

Daisy Edgar-Jones image via Ian West - PA Images/Getty Images
Daisy Edgar-Jones image via Ian West – PA Images/Getty Images

There are plenty of other celebs sporting (and rocking) the curtain bang too. Dakota Johnson and Alexa Chung make us swoon with fridge envy. They are both frequently found gracing the red carpet with beachy waves and styled bangs and are perfect examples of how the curtain bang manages to seamlessly flatter nearly every face shape possible.

Dakota Johnson image via Getty Images
Dakota Johnson image via Getty Images

While you start dialing the local hairdresser to book in that hair appointment, let us share some hairstyles you’ll be dying to try with your new look and how to easily achieve them.

1) A Sleek High Pony

Sagonia Lazarof

Sophisticated and stylish. Simply straighten your locks and pull the hair back into a high pony. Finish with a nice spritz of hairspray to create a polished and long-lasting hairdo. Try the Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray which is highly regarded for its lightweight formula which leaves the hair tamed and shiny without that annoying hairspray crunch feeling.

2) Half Up, Half Down

For a relaxed cool-girl vibe, there isn’t an easier style than the half up, half down messy bun. Let the bangs hang loose to frame the face and gather the hair on the crown of the head into a messy bun. For a nineties feel, add a scrunchie to complete the look. We are obsessed with these satin ones from ASOS.

Quick 2 Minute Half Up Messy Bun Tutorial

3) Messy beach waves

The weather may be cooler now, but this style exudes summer energy. Run your favourite curler through the hair and leave the ends straight for a more effortless look. We love the Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver for those relaxed everyday curls. For that ‘post-surf’ vibe, add a few sprays of the Herbivore Sea Mist Texturizing Spray which has a beautiful coconut scent.

Using a Hair Waver for On-Trend Hairstyles!

4) A blow-dried dream

A sexy blown-out masterpiece. For big luscious locks grab a hairdryer and invest in a good quality barrel brush, like the GHD Natural Bristle Radial Brush Curl under the ends and flick out the fringe for a glamorously sultry finish.

Words by Yasmin Norvill

Graphics by Frances Scott


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