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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Chloe Bailey Treats Us With Her fiercest Looks Yet

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Chloe Bailey Treats Us With Her fiercest Looks Yet

Chlöe Bailey is absolutely no stranger to the worlds of music and fashion. As one half of the duo Chlöe x Halle, with her younger sister Halle Bailey, Chlöe has been a consistent figure in pop culture for a while now but has recently stepped into a solo path of her own, releasing her debut solo single in 2021 and now continuing down that avenue with her latest single ‘Treat Me’, and she has treated us indeed! In the accompanying music video Chlöe goes all out with the looks, serving up a fabulous array of fierce and intimate outfits that are bound to go down as icons of her career.

With a palette of outfits including black vinyl jumpsuits with pointed shoulders, dramatic fur coats draped over intricately cut, sensual bikinis, jewel-laden swimwear, and mesh bodysuits paired with huge platform heels, Chlöe put together a stunning collection of fierce and empowering looks that are some of the boldest of her career so far. Chlöe is no stranger to an iconic look though as she has worn multiple fierce outfits across her career that have proven she is an undeniable fashion icon of the 21st Century. We’re going to run down our favourite Chloe looks to celebrate the release of Treat Me and give this fashion icon the respect she deserves!

Business Chic

Who says a trip to a business meeting can’t look absolutely fabulous? This sleek blazer oozes a serious professional vibe without being too stuffy and, paired with the black sunglasses, manages to feel cool at the same time. The jeweled mini-bag and earrings give some sparkle and gravitas to the look too.

A Sequin Dream

Chlöe’s look from this year’s Grammys was sophisticated and sublime in equal measure. The sequin dress cut a classic Hollywood silhouette that oozed elegance on the singer whilst the paired sequin cape added some drama and theatricality without going overboard.

Jewels from Head to Toe

A classic afterparty look now with Chlöe wearing a black sheer dress adorned with jewels from the waist down and a matching sheer top with a cross of embellished jewels across the chest. A pair of sleek black heels match the dress well and a choker and huge hooped earrings add some more silver without ever going too far.

Embrace the Turtleneck

With spring now here and a cool breeze still in the air the turtleneck is in one of its prime phases of the year. This black dress is chic enough on its own but with the addition of a simple turtleneck it is taken to a whole new level. This look exudes both grace and power and would be sure to leave heads turning.

Vintage Glamour

This look calls back to classic outfits vintage Hollywood. The stunning black dress leads into a rare front train which gives the outfit a unique feel and makes It stand out, whilst the sheer opera gloves heighten the glamour and exude a classic aura. The addition of the huge burgundy fur coat adds another layer of glam whilst the slick black shades give the look a modern flavour of cool.

Royal Red

Get ready for the new gardening outfit for the summer! This stunning red look, consisting of a flowing cape, wide brimmed hat and stunning knee-high boots is undeniably theatrical but in the best way possible. The nude coloured bodice and pair of thigh rings add some sensuality to the outfit and work perfectly with the rest of the collection to create an unforgettably stunning look.

Casual Pastels

A much more casual look to appreciate now, this pink paradise would be perfect for everyday wear, whether that’s going for a walk around town or meeting up with a friend for coffee. The jacket and joggers are both comfortably casual and the pastel pink colouring adds a lot of fun to them. The white tube top pairs well colour-wise and adds some attitude, whilst the pink heels add just a touch of gravitas to the look without seeming out of place.

A Day at Home

Staying at home for the day doesn’t mean we can’t dress up for ourselves, right? Chlöe proved as much right here with this incredibly simple yet stunningly chic outfit. A simple combination of a white tube top, black mini-skirt and blushing pink heels creates a super clean look that will be ready to go in minutes, if not seconds. The added jewelry gives the outfit some sparkle whilst still retaining its uber casual look.

Shining Bright

An overcoat always looks good and a shining overcoat with a dogtooth pattern looks even better! This statement piece would be sure to make anyone stand out in a crowd and would work wonderfully for both casual and formal getups. Being worn with a pair of basic stonewash denim jeans proves the former case perfectly, with the outfit feeling wonderfully casual with just an added touch of glamour. A perfect look for the spring.

Straight off the Street

This outfit is a perfect streetwear look. Oversized jumper? Check. Bold brand name? Check. Loud primary colours? Check. Super cool? Absolute check. A perfect outfit for keeping casual but still wanting to be bold and a little experimental.

A Mesh Dream

Definitely one of the boldest looks from the new video and from Chlöe’s wardrobe in general. This mesh one-piece is empowering, provocative and sensual all in one and is the most freeing outfit of the entire video, with Chlöe coming alive and exuding an energy unlike any of the other outfits are able to produce. This is one for the history books.

A Bikini fit for a Goddess

Another of the standout looks from Treat Me, this intricately cut bikini feels fitting for a goddess. With a uniquely cut bra and a thong printed with an abstract design on the front the set almost feels inspired by ancient Greek aesthetics and, fittingly, exudes a feeling of power worthy of the gods.

Words By Andrew Coyle

Photo By Chloe Bailey Instagram


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