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4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Bringing The Shine This Spring With Jewels, Gels And Chrome Nails – What More Do You Need?

4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Bringing The Shine This Spring With Jewels, Gels And Chrome Nails – What More Do You Need?

The comedown from fashion week brings us many new and exciting beauty trends on instagram, and some of our favourite ladies have been rocking them recently! Paying extra attention to the details in nails and makeup looks seems to be in, subtle but impactful additions to the already powerful looks gives us that extra oomph we’ve been looking for this Spring! Here is an early insight into some of our favourites that we think are going to be sticking around for a while;

FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs is a female phenomenon in all areas, music, beauty, fashion and she’s always serving us the hottest and most striking beauty looks around. Her signature dark lined lip with a lighter lipstick topped with a mirrored gloss looks stunning, paired with scattered subtle gems around her eyes the whole look ties together perfectly. Single handedly bringing us back the tooth gems trend from the 90’s, FKA Twigs has us all wanting them this Spring! Combining her version of street style with a more feminine/girly style gives us the perfect vibe, her distinguishable blonde curls, tooth gems and iconic makeup always gives us the inspiration we need for a new look!

Lauren Michelle Pires

Isamaya French, a makeup artist who’s work was seen all throughout fashion week was seen rocking some fierce chrome french tips on her instagram by Lauren Michelle Pires. A manicurist to the stars, Lauren always gives us the most iconic and trending nails. The reflective futuristic nails are not the only looks she’s be creating recently. The reverse French tip seen on the runway during fashion week in Poster Girls show is definitely going to be a big hit this spring. It seems like we should be prepared for some amplified French tips this coming spring!

Jourdan Dunn

British model Jourdan Dunn is always seen with some of the best makeup in the business, with rocking a sultry cat eye look or a smoked out shadow its always a winner in our eyes! Recently
seen with a metallic shimmery blue eye to match her satin blue dress at the British Vogue x Tiffany fashion and film party. Seen before matching her outfits to her eyeshadow, this subtle link gives
the whole look coherency giving us some spring and summer glam inspiration. Catching the sunlight perfectly, the shimmers and glitters placed on the centre of the lid really make the whole look pop! Who wouldn’t want that?

Kali Uchis

The stunning singer is always giving us hot and sexy glam! Snatched winged liner and a flawless base, Kali Uchis is the definition of modern day “insta baddie”. Always serving us fierce makeup looks, it gives us all the inspiration we need. Recently seen with her chrome, heart bubbled nails, this unique nail art is something new this season. If you are wanting some extra long and glittery
nails next time round why not try this? Her bold makeup and nails are some of our favourites, and you should definitely expect to be seeing more of this.

Dua lipa

Who isn’t obsessed with Dua Lipa?! From her catchy music to her fashion and beauty choices, the Dua Lipa obsession grows every time she’s seen wearing something new. Her climb to fame
gives us some of the most stunning beauty looks we’ve seen! Her slick tight pony tail with extra teased ends, or the cutesy pig tails are easily achievable and so effective giving us the Y2K vibes
that have been circling recently. A fan of bright eyes or a dark red lip for shows, and rocking a more natural glam everyday, Dua gives us variation with her looks and always keeps us asking, what’s next?! Whether you’re a natural glam kind of girl or a full beat girl, we are sure there’s a look for you.

Leomie Anderson

Model, designer and activist Leomie Anderson is always seen with the most glamorous and stunning beauty looks. Glossy, glowy, golden skin has us all in ore especially when paired with a full-beat and straight long hair is Leomie’s signature. Seen recently wearing a subtle jewelled cut crease to the British Vogue BAFTA’s after party, something slightly different to her usual smokey eye, this jewelled look is one to copy at home!

Rowi Singh

Rowi Singh shows us on TikTok how to achieve these subtle jewelled eye looks at home.
Adding a pop of personality to your everyday makeup, or used to glam up for an event, the jewelled eye look is here to say. The euphoria makeup phenomenon doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, beauty marvels out their are finding ways of incorporating the TV shows style into their own makeup routines. She shows us combinations of her own heritage with modern day viral makeup trends, and we are obsessed!

Words by Lily Grimes

Photo Credit: Leomie Anderson Instagram


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