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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Breaking Barriers with Bree Runway: Everything about ‘Gucci’ the Fashion Futurist Video

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Breaking Barriers with Bree Runway: Everything about ‘Gucci’ the Fashion Futurist Video

@breerunway on Instagram, images via Jenn Five
@breerunway on Instagram images via Jenn Five

Born in Hackney, 2000 ́s artists like Lil’Kim, Missy Elliott, or Lady Gaga gave her confidence to do what she does, she is Bree Runway. She is right at the top and is pushing boundaries creating her sound.

We have been delighted with her talent in songs and video clips such as ‘Damn Daniel’ with Yung Baby Tate or `APESHIT`, where the artist has reflected her great creative capacity and her versatility vocal level to handle different musical genres like pop, rap, and hip hop.

Without a doubt, Bree has conveyed to us her objective idea that women singers should not be pigeonholed into one music gender as they can be chameleonic and stand out in each style.

In her new single `Gucci`, the artist hypnotizes us with her dance, her charisma, and her incredible and lustful exquisite taste, with a futuristic background and unreal images that blow our minds!

Bree Runway, Maliibu Miitch- Gucci (official video)

Her Londoner pop style with hip hop touches and rap set by the American rapper Maliibu made this catchy piece that transmits complicity, strength, and security. It is a glamorous and empowered single, with which Bree reminds us that black women are special diamonds, unique, strong, and beautiful, “Black skin, j’adore”.

Its beauty: fine, brilliant, and sculpted like a diamond. Its interior, glittering and valuable. Runway admitted to NYLON, “it’s just less about the vanity and more about the purpose, 100%” – she looks after Gucci to re-emphasize “her black and excellent self” celebrating blackness in response to the traumas that she experienced in her childhood due to her skin tone and the abuse and protests in which the black community has been affected.

@breerunway on Instagram
@breerunway on Instagram

An expensive locker room to love and envy. Luxury artistic items with metallic touches in short dresses with plumed gloves, diamond jewels, and big tear hoops that make her beauty shine, pearls, large glasses and very Gucci socks, leather touches with padded shoulder straps- very trendy- style mask as the way of Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen and high boots that give strength to each of her movements.

Her makeup, flawless and clear as a diamond, glossy lips, drama eyelashes, sparkling contours and eyeliner wings paired with a braided ponytail, very S / S 20, baby hairs in the front and an elegant updo with a sexy and dominating outfit of leather with which she celebrates her body and reminds us of her security and confidence.

@breerunway instagram
@breerunway instagram

We cannot deny that each of her videos is as its name implies, a runway of authentic and exclusive pieces. Gucci, Fendi, Prada… pick up the phone folks! because Bree already have text popping her phone from great women like Missy Elliot, Doja cat, Rina Sawayama or Michael Obama and surely more will come!

We know how you do what you did Bree! Setting rules and breaking laws- leading a path with no one filling your spot, you can rule the world by yourself girl!

Words by Maria Martinez

Graphics by Georgia Walters


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