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Bottega Veneta: Fashion's Rising Star

Bottega Veneta: The Pouch, Chain Pouch, Padded Cassette and the Large Arco bags

Eighteen months, that is how long it took Daniel lee to transform Italian brand Bottega Veneta into the star it is today. The brand's accessories have proved to be favourite this season and also prized, as the creative director won designer of the year and the brand won brand of the year at the British Fashion Awards. While the rest of the world was transfixed on the growth and prosperity of Gucci, Daniel lee was busy awakening the sleeping giant that he claims is Bottega Veneta.

Daniel lee arrived in the brand in July 2018. Coming from humble backgrounds, the designer worked his way up from Central Saint Martins to major fashion brands like Maison Margiela, Celine and Balenciaga. The creative director claims his position in Bottega Veneta has always been a quiet dream.

So, what has changed within the Bottega Veneta brand to cause such a stir and growth? Well, the answer is nothing. There was no rebranding, no major change in the brand only a realignment with the brand DNA and a reinvention of the brand's archival pieces. Upon arrival in the brand, the creative director took all the bags associated with the brand and reinvented them to fit today's quota. The pouch that first seemed impractical without a handle or strap to the merchandising team was advocated by the designer and is now one of the best-selling bags for their simplicity and photogenic nature. The designer also incorporated the brand’s iconic intrecciato (leather quilted pattern) into their shoes to a squared toe heel. Just like that, Bottega's brand reinvention resulted in 2.2% growth in 2019. Lyst reported that demand for Bottega Veneta's shoes and accessories spiked 53% this year.

This fall season the designer is seen to embrace the intrecciato technique to his designs. We see the merge between Daniel Lee and Bottega Veneta looks like a match made in heaven. The designer's background in knitwear seems to coincide with the brands iconic intrecciato and his ability to mix and match textures and fabrics has seemed to allow the brand to complement the background in leather. However, the designer expresses that he aims to explore new themes for the brand, and we’re all on the edge of our seats.

Words by Precious Njoki

Graphics by Katie Janes

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