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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Bookmarking The Best Of LFW Looks For Our Wardrobe

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Bookmarking The Best Of LFW Looks For Our Wardrobe

The London Fashion Week has continued to deliver us with fresh new styles as brands are showcasing their latest collections whether it is online or physical. They are giving us a glimpse of their lines for 2022 and even though we have just said goodbye to summer it does not mean we can’t get a taste of the sun from these collections. 

Supriya Lele

Rising star Supriya Lele kicked off Monday with her show at the Old Selfridges Hotel. Even though it was an early start, each seat was filled with an eager audience member waiting to see what this new collection had to offer. Her work consistently reflects her own Indian heritage alongside her British cultural identity as both combined reflect a cross-cultural point of view. This can be seen as she worked with artisans from India to make use of delicate fabrics such as the mesh materials used across her line repeatedly. Also, within her collection were looks ready to dance the nights away with vivid cut-out dresses and sparkling netted skirts ready to make a statement of sass. Orange halter neck tops and turquoise mesh 3/4 lengths were modelled beautifully, reflecting the revival of Y2K trends often seen within Supriya Lele’s collections. 


Roksanda showcased their collection at Serpentine Pavilion which acted as the perfect venue with its picturesque stone structure as the backdrop to their powerful collection. There was an explosion of colour within the show as Roksanda’s iconic pink hues and colour blocking made an appearance, as well as vivid yellows and fluorescent greens. The collection came alive through dance as the show took a theatrical approach to display its voluminous shapes as the routine represented the true artistic features of her designs. It was a vision of beauty as it remained sophisticated but playful. The collection encapsulated the intense emotions of the last 18 months, including happiness, anger, and love. Key pieces of the show included silk gowns and patchwork oversized suiting as well as showcasing menswear for the first time. 

Osman Studio

Osman Yousefzada created all his looks with fully biodegradable fabric and represented sustainability in style as he showcased these lavish pieces within Amazonico in Mayfair. The rainforest theme reflected how Osman was planting a tree in the Amazon Forest for every guest at the show. The collection featured silk ruffle detailing as well as extravagant Pakistani wedding jewellery with influences from the Indian subcontinent. Mesh catsuits and mirrored fabric dresses also made an appearance. 

Chet Lo

This fashion week has been great for exploring designers’ collections we all know and love, but it has also been a time to discover up and coming designers like Chet Lo. His swimwear inspired collection featured Lo’s signature spike knit material which was used across all his clothing items, including cut-out one-pieces and cold shoulder dresses, as well as, on the accessories including textured heels and over the knee leg warmers. This aquatic theme also involved rubber pool noodles wrapped around the models’ shoulders and swimming hats – who thought you could make swimwear this chic? Chet Lo delivered us a standout show that will not be forgotten. 

Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha stunned her audience as they gathered in the church of St Bartholomew to view her collection that was inspired by the concept of bringing a baby into the world and her maternal instincts. It reflected new life and beginnings as the models were draped in layers of white with lace and broderie details. Accessorized with pearls and satin ribbons the show was a vision of elegance. The texture of the clothing was also a prominent part of the show as it was the first physical show of hers in a while and she wanted her audience to examine the details of her pieces intensely. There were voluminous sleeves and layered, puffy styled skirts as well as pops of colour including bold reds. 


Toga’s new spring/summer collection took a smart approach at LFW as suit co ords and blazers were styled for an office chic look. Toned down abstract patterns and graphic imagery was also featured on many of the clothing pieces giving them a unique twist. Midi length dresses also filled the runway gracefully with ruffle detailing and some with distinct image prints. 

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY

LOVERBOY is a label that has originated from the dance floor as its roots are connected to the queer nightlife scene. Each show the brand puts on is a masterpiece as it explores diversity and identity which is seen through the choice of models and dramatic clothing. ‘Dressing up’ and the tool of make-up is a focal point of the brand’s individuality as they view fashion as a form of art. The runway stretched down a nightclub with neon lights and upbeat music, bringing clothing to life in an enjoyable and unique way. 

Words by Josie Cooke

Photo Credit: @chet__lo


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