Billie Eilish: Unconventional Festival Aesthetic

By Rhiannon Jenkins

Ever since the release of her debut single Ocean Eyes, Billie Eilish has taken the world by storm with her angelic voice and dark lyrics: a contrast that is refreshingly unconventional. It’s safe to say that the pop-prodigy is anything but your typical teenage girl, fashioning a bright and bold style that is exceptionally experimental. In an interview with ASOS, Eilish admits: ‘I like to wear stuff you’re gonna judge. Good or bad, I like to be in people’s heads.’ From oversized graphic t-shirts to baggy knee-length pants, the silver-haired LA native experiments with ill-fitting silhouettes that are always paired with a chunky pair of trainers.

Eilish shares her style with 17.7 million Instagram followers under the quirky handle @wherearetheavocados, inspiring fellow millennials that are also fond of the green gold to dare to be different. So, if you don’t want to adhere to the conventional festival aesthetic this summer, why not take a leaf out of Eilish’s book of style? Here are a few looks that we wish we could pull off:

Billie Eilish compilation with iconic looks 1,2 & 3

Look 1 - Urban mesh

Mesh tops have always been a wardrobe staple for party attire, but have you ever considered layering it with another long-sleeved top? No, neither did we. Eilish has paired her duo of tops with high-waisted tracksuit bottoms that gives the outfit an urban aesthetic.

Look 2 - The one piece wonder

Reassuringly relaxed yet effortlessly stylish, the boiler suit is a festival game changer.

Eilish has paired her royal blue number with platform trainers, elevating the boiler suit to the power suit. A little face glitter completes this sassy look.

Look 3 - Not-so-camo camo

Blindingly bright in colour, there is no hiding in this camo uniform. Eilish’s choice of a lightweight jacket is perfect for any festival, especially those that aren’t in sunny LA. This monochromatic colour scheme is definitely a vibe, so why not become the latest

recruit in the coloured camo camp?

Billie Eilish compilation with iconic looks 4,5 & 6

Look 4 - Spotted in stripes

Stripes are incredibly versatile, and this shirt is no exception. Eilish styles her oversized stripy shirt with black and neon green padded trousers, a highly visible outfit that will attract attention from miles away. The chunky jewellery just completes this imposing look.

Look 5 - Check mate

Bucket hats have definitely made a comeback, adding an element of ‘90s fun to any ensemble. Wearing layers of clashing check shirts, Eilish’s checked bucket hat is quite literally the cherry on top. So why not dare to layer up in an array of different checks this festival season?

Look 6 - The experiment

Eilish is a fan of audacious eyewear, and we absolutely love these ones. Who knew that those safety glasses we all wore in school science experiments would ever make a fashion statement? This is precisely why we adore Eilish and her style: she is unpredictable, always keeping us on our toes. It’s safe to say that these glasses would set your look on fire.

This festival season, ditch the sequins and tasselled hems for something a bit more daring. That way, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.


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