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Barcelona's Phenomenon of Spanish Designers to Keep Your Style Eye On

ONRUSHW23F, Júlia G Escribà, Xevi Fernández,

Barcelona is the world’s newest fashion capital. From Salvador Dali to Antoni Gaudi, beauty art and creativity are deeply embedded into the cities culture. Barcelona is quickly becoming an epicenter for fashion, where some of the most exciting new designers are starting to emerge, and break the mould. Here’s everything you need to know.



If you’re looking for artistic experimentation in fashion, look no further. Conceived by young designers Albert Sanchez and Sebastian Cameras ONRUSHW23FH celebrates the new and the exciting, amalgamated chaos and simplicity in designs that are so now they make you want to scream at their genius. Think subtlety sexy designs, from sheer unitards to minimalist leather: this brand are doing everything right, and it’s a pleasure to sit back and watch.


Júlia G Escribà

Julia G Escriba | Spring Summer 2021 | Digital

Júlia G Escribà is the kind of designer that we have been desperately needing for a long, long time. Julia is twenty years old meaning that she is in touch with the kinds of issues that are truly important in fashion today, from climate change to the trends that young people actually want to wear. She marks a move away from the oversaturation of luxury brands to a newer and interesting moment in fashion. Her designs are sleek and monochrome with a matrix esque edge lending an air of ease and sensuality to every look. She has used thermoregulating technology as developed by NASA to create ‘seasonless’ pieces, which is the kind of move as a designer that instantly makes her stand out, reflecting not only a genuine interest in sustainability but a pragmatic approach that is actually making a difference. These pieces can be worn for years to come, fighting against the cycle of fast fashion and overconsumption.

Júlia G Escribà SS21

Xevi Fernández

Xevi Fernandez | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive via FF Chanel

Fernandez’s handmade Haute couture collections are the stuff of dreams. His looks include fantasy looks in futuristic tones and pastel colourings. Think metallic jumpsuits, green leather jackets, candy-colored bodysuits, and transparent coloured shirts, Fernandez is redefining trends. Fernandez first made his catwalk debut in Madrid in 2016, and his looks have sustained a sense of effortlessly chic. He made his debut at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week last year and is quickly rising up the ranks of the fashion world. He is quickly making a name for himself as one of the most exciting designers in fashion right now.

Xevi Fernandez Spring Summer 2019

Lera Mamba

Lera Mamba image via @leramamba

Designed by Marta Pujol, Lera Mamba is totally unique. The pieces are designed to be forever pieces, which we all know, is in high demand in the fashion world right now. Think wool blend blazers in pastel colouring, silk shirts corsets, and cable knit underwear. Taking cozy and mixing it with sophistication and allure.

Words by Marni McFall

Graphics by Frances Scott

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