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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Baby Phat Beauty: Back in the ‘Fab Lane’

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Baby Phat Beauty: Back in the ‘Fab Lane’

Baby Phat Beauty
Baby Phat Beauty

With the revival of 00’s style being an ongoing trend this year, it was inevitable: Baby Phat is back. Kimora Lee Simmons, 45, announced earlier this week that the iconic brand is going to be returning, but with a multi-generational flare by collaborating with her daughter, Ming Lee, 18, and Aoki Lee, 21.

Baby Phat exploded on the scene in 1999 and had its debut runway show in 2000. Throughout the next decade, the iconic brand was an absolute staple on the 00’s—the brand even had an exclusive, diamond-encrusted flip-phone. There are no words—and to this day is held high as one of the great Y2K classics. Baby Phat has always been renowned for its inclusive and empowering message through fashion, and after a few years on hiatus, Kimora thinks this is the perfect time to expand the beloved classic.

The entrepreneur has been collaborating with her two daughters during lockdown to create a beauty line that reflects each of their personalities. The Shimmer Dreams three-piece kit is the first line of products to be launched. Each kit—named Opulence, Ethereal and Divine—contains three products. With each $45 kit comes an illuminating body spray, a plumping lip gloss, and a hydrating lotion. The fashion mogul explained how each set—made unique by their colour and fragrance—is inspired by their personalities.

When describing Ming’s set—Opulence—Kimora described it as “yummy”. The fashion and beauty mogul explained that the scents smell “peachy” with “orchid and caramel”; while Aoki’s set—Etheral—reflects a “free-spirited attitude” and “being independent”. When asked to describe her own set—Divine—Kimora described it as “warm, sweet and a little bit floral”.

Baby Phat Beauty
Baby Phat Beauty

Kimora wants people to know that Baby Phat, and its new excursion in the beauty community, is about a lot more than just the products; it’s also about girl power and supporting people of colour while the Black Lives Matter Movement is at the forefront of the media. “There’s much more opportunity right now for women of colour and people of colour and I think that’s the importance behind my messaging and my brand and why I’m always there saying the same thing, and I’ll never stop that,” the fashion icon explained.

Those who followed Kimora’s journey from the beginning may remember her, and her two collaborators, from her reality TV show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, which aired over a decade ago. The fashion and beauty mogul satisfied all of our 00’s dreams by coining catchphrases such as “Fabulosity”, and sharing her daily tasks as a mogul & mother. The show also starred a much younger, baby-faced Aoki and Ming. Seeing these three back in the spotlight again is the perfect nostalgia fix we didn’t know we needed.

Baby Phat Beauty
Baby Phat Beauty

Understandably, so many brands from the ’00s that have resurfaced in recent times have new creatives behind them, adapting them to appear more modern and relevant for today’s customers. However, looking back at Baby Phat shows how it really was ahead of its time. Kimora’s vision and a message from her brand was always one of inclusivity, diversity, and fabulosity, of course. It’s refreshing to see such an iconic brand re-launce with an aesthetic and message that didn’t need to be made-over.

Words by Luke Nolan


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