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4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team August Horoscopes With Joanna Hope

4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

August Horoscopes With Joanna Hope

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Somehow it’s already August, and as we’ve started to stumble back to normality, we need some guidance for our first whole month lockdown-free. There’s no better person to give us that guidance than psychic Joanna Hope, who’s delivered your zodiac predictions. Gain some fashion inspiration at the same time, as we celebrate the signs with our favourite fashion icon for each.

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♈️ Aries

Bravo Aries, you are up and ready to take on the world, let your enthusiasm be the fuel that propels you forward into a much more profitable and prosperous month. If life gets complicated you can make it simple by using your sense of humor and that special way of looking at life. Release your inner passions and speak your truth, this way you discover that expressing how you truly feel helps you to grow, and also helps others understand that you are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Celebrate your love life as you now know who’s got your back. This month brings a lot more insight into who you are sharing your life with, friends and family are very dear to your heart and life feels good with the people that care about you.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Crystal: Carnelian 

♉️ Taurus

Glamour can speak volumes to you now Taurus, your personality shines bright when you look and feel at your best, and as you are out and about much more this month, it is no coincidence that you meet important contacts that join forces with you in any important ventures you are thinking of. Have faith in yourself as you are more accomplished than you give yourself credit for, it is time for you to take center stage once more and lead from the front. It is a surreal time for you as shifting realities in your love life help you appreciate your other half and how they have always had your best interests at heart. For those of you that are single you can push the boat out and sail off into the sunset, all the stars align and conspire to hook you up with your dream partner.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Crystal: Pearl

♊️ Gemini 

Gemini, you are ever the life and soul of the party. After everything you’ve been through it’s time to put your dancing shoes on and let your mercurial moves do the talking. Keeping in tune with your natural rhythm helps you effortlessly keep up with the fast pace your life demands. Love is always on your mind these days and is asking you to take a closer look at who truly loves you, the mysterious workings of your heart will let you know in no uncertain terms who that is, you have always followed your heart, and listening to it now will ensure you end up in a happy relationship. 

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Crystal: Tourmaline 

♋️ Cancer

It’s time to be in the hot seat and put all your cards on the table, a high level of perfection leaves no stone unturned and you achieve a long-held goal that is dear to your heart. Seeing is believing this month and there is quite a lot to see, the virtual world is a playground for your imagination and anything is possible when you dream as big as you do. Affection of the heart always appeals to the sentimental crab, and you may be flattered by all the attention you receive from an admirer. Having a light-hearted approach to love gives you an advantage, you can make good encouraging decisions that bring good love into your life, the kind perfectly designed to make you happy. There is a lot to look forward to so smile and let your soul shine brightly.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Crystal: Tourmaline 

♌️ Leo

Leo It’s your birthday month so celebrate and enjoy the love and affection sent your way. You are ready for the next chapter of your life to unfold so this is just the beginning of an exciting period that will bring you so much joy. Unexpected surprises give you advantages bringing you elements of a magical universe out there, royal lion – believe and receive. If love had wings it would be flying straight to you, open your heart and see where it takes you now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with the power of love behind you. 

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Crystal: Quartz

♍️ Virgo

As the summer days make you nostalgic and dreamy about the past you can relax and enjoy all the moments that have brought you to where you are now, even the tough times have contributed to you being everything you are now – absolutely amazing. Putting others first is a natural trait of yours and you will reap the good karma of kindness from who you have helped and assisted in the past. Humble as you are, be open to receive as you are worthy and deserve lots of good fortune in your everyday life from the people that love and care about you. Finding a way to release your heartfelt feelings attracts love that is meant to be. 

Lucky Colour: Blue/Green

Lucky Crystal: Turquoise 

♎️ Libra 

Take time to reflect on your past endeavours as you can now start to make headway in your chosen direction. Being the best you can be is definitely enough for a successful outcome to your plans, you have everything it takes to succeed. Love keeps you searching for the best in others, and a surprise meeting helps you get closer with an ideal partner whose affections secure a sacred place in your heart. Look a little closer to home as domestic matters need your attention, but your great energy and ideas will benefit those that love and rely on you and bring out the best in everyone, well done Libra. 

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Crystal: Quartz

♏️ Scorpio

A good time is had by all this month, as your Scorpion magic is sprinkled around and you go from strength to strength. Be happy with what you have and pour in more: gratitude is a great attitude to have, it opens the way to more abundance in your life, and can pave the way to successfully building your future on solid ground. Love is an amazing feeling as that special someone shows you how much they love and admire you. Believe you deserve to be happy and the rest will follow. You are destined to do great things and anything is possible now. 

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Crystal: Agate

♐️ Sagittarius 

Energetic and vivacious, you will surpass your own expectations and be rewarded for all your hard work. August gives you the gift of rest and recuperation, relax on the beach, in the garden or the park, but take time to recharge your batteries so you are ready for the next busy phase coming up. Image and reputation are on the up and up, you can recapture your creativity and make it work for you, others will follow your fine example and praise your efforts. Love is certainly in the air and romance is well starred this month. Grab your happiness with both hands. 

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz 

♑️ Capricorn 

Rely on your instincts Capricorn, you have what it takes to succeed but must be willing to make the sacrifices needed for change. August brings a successful outcome to some long held dream, so you are well placed to implement whatever it takes to get you to the top. You will see the beauty of your actions through the eyes of others as you are supported and congratulated by them. Love will always find a way, you can never say never, so give that special someone a chance to prove their love to you and you will have no regrets. Love begets love. 

Lucky Colour:  Yellow

Lucky Crystal: Citrine 

♒️ Aquarius 

Deep emotional feelings come to the foreground as you evaluate the past and restructure the future. It is time to trust your own gut feelings and let them show you that you are more than capable of taking on added responsibility, and meeting your obligations. Life is not always a bed of roses but you are coming out of an assessment period that can change your life for the better and put you in a world full of opportunity. Love is proving to be a godsend as you find your equal in a partnership and can build a future full of promise and hope. 

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Crystal: Aquamarine 

♓️ Pisces

August shows you there is a bright future ahead and all you have to do to get it is have confidence, and truly be yourself. The realm of possibilities opens its arms to you and brings choices that help you in your career – you are destined for great things and have the power within you to successfully achieve your dreams. Love is a rollercoaster  of emotions for you, so hold on tight and enjoy all the love attention coming your way. It’s your turn to be spoiled and looked after for a change. Enjoy!

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Crystal: Amethyst

Words By Joanna Hope and Daisy Greetham, Graphics By Emily Chapillon


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