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Amazon Beauty Must Haves According to TikTok

Collage of Amazon source products, Revlon and Laneige

TikTok is one of the biggest social media apps right now and during quarantine, it’s an amazing source of entertainment. However, it’s not just good for learning dances. TikTok is great for recommending must-have products. Be it skincare, beauty or hair care, it is full of amazing finds. In particular, there is a trend going around listing people’s favourite Amazon beauty must-haves, so here’s Voir’s rundown of some of the most talked-about TikTok products, found on Amazon.

1). Let’s start off with hair. The flat hair clips also help when styling your hair. You can use them to separate sections of your hair or hold back your bangs whilst applying your makeup. The best part? They leave no kinks.

2). So many TikTokers rave about the Revlon blow dry brush saying it is quick and easy to use and leaves your hair looking flawlessly styled. It detangles, dries and volumises all in one process, meaning you have to use less heat and your hair is protected and styled.

3). Scrunchies are so in right now and TikTok is well aware of that. So, many people are recommending Amazon’s wide array of hair scrunchies, claiming they are soft and don't tangle your hair. And why not try the much talked about scrunchie stand to organise them?

No-kinks clips, Revlon blow dry brush and a Scrunchie stand found on Amazon

4). When washing your hair, a lot of people are talking about the scalp massager. It is said to give your hair a really deep clean whilst simultaneously massaging you too. Promoting a healthy scalp that's free of dandruff is a winner in our eyes.

5). Although skincare is very personal, there are some products which seem to be loved by all. The Indian Healing Clay mask is one of these items. Promising to help with acne, it’s great for teenage, breakout-prone skin. Silicone brushes are also highly sought after and make applying any face mask easy and hygienic, since cleaning them is such a breeze.

6). The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is a must for pampering your lips. It might be a nice thing to invest in especially as we start to look forward to seeing our friends and family in the (hopefully) near future! In fact, the Laneige sleeping products are so raved about, we even talked about them in this previous article, so why not check that out: "What's Missing From Your Overnight Skincare Routine?"

To store these skincare items, a mini-fridge will be useful, and many TikTokers agree. You can find these on Amazon, but also on an array of other websites too. If you want to know the benefits of storing your products in a cool place, and which products to store there, why not check out one of our recent articles, "Are Skin Care Fridges Really A Thing?"

A scalp massager, Indian Healing Clay mask and Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask found on Amazon

7). With all these new items, your shelves might be getting a little cluttered, which is why so many people are recommending Amazon’s storage carousel. Not only is it great for organising a messy beauty area, but it also looks classy and makes accessing products extremely easy as all you have to do is spin and grab.

8). Travelling with your products may be tricky too, (when we are finally allowed to!), but don’t worry, because, of course, Amazon has this covered. They sell chic travel makeup bags that have rearrangeable compartments which are handy for any oddly shaped skincare and makeup products.

9). Lastly, why not think of the environment whilst you're ordering all these fab new products? Amazon carries an amazing range of eco-friendly skincare replacements which are reusable. For example, the reusable cotton pads are a great alternative to keeping stocked up on your usual cotton pads. They usually come with a bag, so that when you’ve used them all up, you can chuck them in the washing machine and use them all over again!

Storage Carousel, Travel make up bags and Environmentally friendly re-usable cotton pads found on Amazon

Finally, after all this pampering and self-care, who wouldn’t want to take a snap for the gram and show off your new items and glowing skin. The range of ring lights that are stocked by Amazon and recommended on Tik Tok is endless, but a just purchase. They make taking pictures easy and the quality even better.

Ultimately, the list is endless, and if you haven’t had enough recommendations, you know where to find more!

Words by Amy Ellis

Graphics by Katie Janes

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