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11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Alien Beauty is Out of This World

11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Alien Beauty is Out of This World

Gucci AW2018,
Courtesy of Gucci AW2018, Vuhes and @martartm

In the world of creative imaginations, such as film and music, the fashion industry has taken its turn to explore more artistic ways of presenting the stories that we have come to notice. Through subtle symbolism in very recent fashion shows, we terminate the past of fashion history where from victorian fashion style to art deco, artists have used different mediums to highlight and exaggerate the idea of fashion and trend.

This new stream of creativity has its very own world which helps fashion to reach its final presentation, the oomph factor always remains in the hands of makeup artists and now prosthetics to speak about spaces where the made-up face is viewed; including theatres, films, and photographs; the makeup artist’s workplace is the dressing room, the film set, and the photographer’s studio.

@yoiwan on Instagram
Courtesy of @yoiwan and @martartm on Instagram

The techniques of makeup used in these spaces are quite different from those of cosmetic makeup, and the professional makeup artist’s skills are typically acquired over the course of a long period of training and practice. The heavy greasepaint and pan-stick used for such dramatic makeup require special techniques for effective use. They are designed to work in harmony with strong lighting, which the makeup artist must anticipate while doing the makeup under weaker light. What might appear exaggerated and excessive in normal lighting will appear natural to an audience watching a performance on a lit stage.

The applied shading and highlighting may be deliberately over-emphasized by the makeup artist to increase the impact of the designed look for stage, screen, or catwalk. From London College of fashion to special effects programs, these courses are becoming more and more in demand as the fashion industry being the most influential one joined the hands with drama long back.

@martartm on Instagram
Courtesy of @martartm on Instagram, Vuhes

The Gucci 2018 show where the former Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, made models walk altogether with separate cloned heads in hand, with an extra eye glued on the model’s forehead. It left everyone with questions and deeper imaginations for the world which always seems like a mystery., To support this alien imagination artists all over the world are being more and more intrigued with this fantasy coming to life. The result has been a change in the face of fashion, on catwalks, in magazine editorial content, and in advertising.

Prosthetic and special-effects products are used to adorn the face and the body. Feathers and crystals are used to morph the body from its human form and recreate it in statuesque or animal proportions. Makeup artists create ghostly or ghoulish looks that reference the horror film genre, and film noir is a fertile source used to create the femme fatale often seen in the pages of monthly fashion magazines. The market of this sub-industry is booming much larger and one with interests can always easily now reach directly to the websites like Etsy to shop their own look; or even consult the programmer and follow the tutorial guides for the fun. Creatives from camp themes to general queer styling have also begun to become handy with this trend and it will always remain a dear part of the performance and art industry.

Words by Jagrati Mahaver Graphics by Georgia Walters


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