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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team Styles And Shades To Try When The Salons Open

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Styles And Shades To Try When The Salons Open

Photo Credit: @MeLoveMeALot

Every day is one step closer to the salons reopening, and we can’t wait! Say goodbye to dead ends and dull hair. Here you will find all the inspiration you need for the perfect post lockdown hairstyle to bring your hair back to life. If you are looking for a subtle change or a completely brand-new look, we’ve got you covered.


Throughout 2020, we saw stunning red tones all over our Instagram feeds – as seen on Kylie Jenner. However, this year it’s all about the coppery shades. This hair colour has taken over Tik Tok and is becoming increasingly popular. It’s the perfect summery shade, reflecting the light to make your hair appear glossy. Strawberry blonde tones ranging to a warm copper, this look is a fun way to switch up blonde locks.

Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is the latest, easy to maintain colour for post lockdown. The hair colour honey blonde is a combination of light brown with warm blonde; it’s a pretty in- between colour. Lighten up brunette hair or tone down bright blonde hair. The roots are often left darker and blended through into the hair to create a natural look. If you’re looking to add even more dimension to your hair, ask your hairdresser for baby lights.

Pop of Colour

Don’t want to commit to a bright colour all over? Try a pop of colour. Add vivid colour to a thick section underneath the top of your hair. Adding colour here will mean you’ll be able to see it when the hair is tucked behind the ear, braided or scraped into a sleek ponytail. An unexpected intense pop of colour that is slightly visible is so striking. Daring yet still somewhat subtle, this is a fun look for post lockdown. A vibrant blue, an electric pink or your favourite summer colour will work.

Halo Highlights

Lightening up the front sections of the hair is known as halo highlighting. This style of highlights softens the face and stops the main body of colour from looking too harsh. Halo highlights work for every hair colour as it is simply taking the front sections two or three shades lighter than the rest of the hair. It’s an angelic look that frames the face.

Shadow Roots

Hair regrowth is a constant battle. However, shadow roots are the hairstyle that will fix this struggle. Once the salons finally reopen, hair appointments will most likely be few and far between due to limited customer capacity. Therefore, picking a hair colour trend, such as shadow roots, is the perfect look for this problem. With its easy upkeep, you won’t need to make regular trips to the salon. Shadow roots are the ultimate low-maintenance look.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are the perfect look if you’re looking to layer your hair. It’s not a commitment to full-on bangs because curtain bangs sit behind the ear when the hair is down. Then, when the hair is styled in an up-do, whether that’s a bun or a classic ponytail, the curtain bangs will flawlessly frame the face. Completely transform your hair with this simple yet effective hairstyle.

The Lived-In Cut

With working from home as the new normal, many of us have taken the time to embrace our natural selves, which includes our hair. Therefore, the lived-in cut is the latest hair trend emerging for post lockdown. Due to the pandemic, low maintenance haircuts are a new way forward. Ask your hairdresser for the lived-in cut for a textured, layered look.

A Bob or a “Lob”?

Make the jump and cut your hair for a gorgeous, summer-ready look. Choose your style, whether that’s a chin-length bob or shoulder-length lob. A slick, blunt edge bob can be a nightmare to maintain. With 2021 all about low maintenance looks, opt for a mid-length or choppy bob instead. Curly or straight hair, a bob or a lob is a great cut that works well on everyone.

The Modern Shaggy Cut

One of the biggest haircut trends to get behind this year is the modern shaggy cut. This hairstyle is a popular look across Instagram and TikTok right now. It is an ideal cut if you’re looking for a more textured and effortless look. The modern shaggy cut is very versatile that suits short and long hair, curly or straight. It is an edgy, uneven look that looks best when blown dry with a diffuser or left to air dry. The modern shaggy cut is the hairstyle of the year.


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