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4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team 8 Makeup Artists That Lift Our Lockdown Blues

4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

8 Makeup Artists That Lift Our Lockdown Blues

Photo Credit: @t.rinluck

Considering how work now mainly consists of video calls and emails, the top half of our body (or at least the parts of it visible through a computer screen) has become more of a priority in the WFH aesthetic.

The way we approach our usual makeup routine has ultimately changed because of this. More time at home means more time to experiment and be creative. A good, winged liner can lift anyone’s mood, but there are days when a minimal look just doesn’t cut it.

This is where social media comes in.

The visual landscape of Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube is a perfect place for those looking for some makeup inspiration during lockdown. From vibrant eyeshadows and gemstones to full-face transformations, the makeup artists we see online are proof that the canvas of creativity goes beyond a sheet of paper.

Get your notes ready, because we’re going through the makeup artists who are killing it right now.

Malvina Isfan (@malvina_isfan)

Romanian makeup artist Malvina Isfan is an expert at creating the perfect editorial look. Unafraid to orchestrate a dramatic cat eye is every colour of the rainbow, Isfan’s makeup looks are bold and playful while still delivering an edgy punch. Sharp angles are combined with a plethora metallic shades to create a look that shines on camera. We particularly love how Isfan combines classic shapes with layers of colour to build depth in her eye makeup.

Jenny (@t.rinluck)

Intricate detail and illustration work form the basis of Instagram artist Jenny’s (aka @t.rinluck) makeup looks. The Thailand-based artist has tackled everything from character transformations and facial illusions to a multi-coloured smoky eye, making for an insanely scroll-worthy portfolio on her account. Jenny’s account really speaks of the artistry that goes into a makeup look, breathing a fun and explorative outlook into the practice.

Chiao Li Hsu (@chiaolihsu)

Chiao Li Hsu is no stranger to the world of fashion and editorial, having worked with big names like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Netherlands, Marie Claire, and Versace. With nearly two decades as a professional makeup artist under her belt, Li Hsu is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creative makeup looks. The makeup artist occasionally goes viral on social media for her bold approach to line and colour, which she uses to highlight the natural

curves of the face and experiment with textures.

Anna Jantos (@jantoski23)

For colourful eye makeup that can be taken from work to the club (when it eventually reopens), Anna Jantos should be your first point of call. Armed with the sharpest of eyeliner flicks, Jantos gives her followers every incentive to be as colourful and creative as they like when it comes to do their daily makeup. Whether metallic shadow or neon detailing, Jantos has got it covered.

Kayleigh (@pinkishpiendel)

UK based artist, Kayleigh (@pinkishpiendel), knows just how to make the tiniest of details stand out. Using a combination of stamps and sequins, as well as free-hand detailing, Kayleigh produces makeup looks intended to turn heads. Constellations of stars and butterfly wings feature heavily in her work, but the artist is also known for repurposing classic winged liner to create new shapes.

Adele Natalie (@adelesmakeup)

Adele Natalie’s makeup is all about psychedelic patterns and wavy lines. With a colour palette spanning the length of the rainbow and one of the steadiest hands we’ve ever seen, Natalie’s eye makeup transformations take her followers on a journey through multiple aesthetics. Whether funky 70’s patterns or the hot pink accents of the early 2000’s, Natalie’s ability to play on the most intriguing aspects of aesthetic trends makes her someone you need to follow.

Lois (@makeup.lois)

Bold pigments, concept transformations, and SFX makeup are central to the practice of Brighton based makeup artist, Lois (@makeup.lois). Her attention to texture and colour has earned Lois a massive following across various social media platforms, with views on TikTok alone exceeding two million. From Frankenbabe cosplay to multicoloured cat-eyes, Lois highlights her artistic range by not limiting herself to a single category of makeup design.

Shavonté Dill (@shavonte_dill)

Blogger and creative makeup artist Shavonté Dill pushes the boat out when it come to transforming her face into a canvas for her ideas. A master of illusion and 3D construction, Dill has produced hundreds of makeup looks that play to her strengths and deliver a forceful impact. With her following still growing, it should be noted that Dill’s command of colour, line, and texture makes her a talent to watch in the makeup world.

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Words By Charlie Colville


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