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4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team 5 Iconic Handbags Everyone Wishes They Had This Season

4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

5 Iconic Handbags Everyone Wishes They Had This Season

Every year we wait for the autumn-winter season to wear out favourite knitwear jumpers, our favourite statement coats and of course of our favourite pair of boots. Yet, a cool autumn-winter outfit wouldn’t be as great unless we accessorised it with the right handbag. From the runway to the high street, we’ve seen this year’s favourite handbags trends. We put together a list of 5 styles of handbags we think you might need for this season’s rotation.  

A Large Tote Bag

Tote bags have been a popular choice for years. People use these for any occasion and in any context – grocery shopping, for work and sometimes even for going out. They’re definitely the most practical silhouette in terms of size and shape. Not only can you fit everything you need inside, but they’re also comfortable and easy to carry around. Whether you want to go for a classic tote such as the Never Full MM tote by Louis Vuitton or opt for something that is trending at the moment – e.g. the Telfar shopping bag – there’s plenty to choose from.

A Crossbody Bag

Cross-body bags are arguably the lightest and most stylish. They can be worn in different ways and can always elevate an outfit if chosen appropriately. They are perfect for going out for brunch, running errands or simply getting drinks on a Friday night. The classic YSL envelope cross-body and the Gucci Marmont bag have been two of the most popular choices over the last few years. However, if you want to jump on the latest trend in terms of the ‘it-handbag’, get yourself a Bottega Venetta quilted cross-body bag. Equally, if you wish to revamp your Y2K style go for the Prada re-edition 2005 nylon bag. 

A Mini Bag

Mini bags have become a massive trend in the last couple of years. In 2019 Jaquemus’ Mini Le Chiquito became a phenomenon, leading other huge fashion houses to toy with the idea of micro bags. Brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermès and Givenchy have produced tiny bags and suggested a myriad of ways to wear them – as a necklace, a crossbody accessory, a belt etc. Although considered impractical and even infantile for their comic appearance, they’re definitely a fashion statement. Tiny purses are purely made from a stylistic point of view and promote minimalism. 

An Elegant Clutch Bag

The clutch is the most elegant bag out there – perfect for any special occasion. Whether you’re attending a wedding, an event or simply going out on a date this is your go-to. Carrying a simple clutch can truly make your outfit more sophisticated. You don’t need to pair it with heels, you can match a cool leather clutch bag with trainers or boots, depending on your style and the place you are going to. The Bottega Veneta Pouch leather clutch has been a top choice for streetwear over the last few months, but you can very well opt for something classier and more effective – e.g a Dior lambskin pouch, a Christian Louboutin satin Palmette clutch bag or even something as sparkly as a Jimmy Choo Ellipse glitter clutch bag. 

A Classic Timeless Bag/Statement Piece

Investing in a classic, timeless bag can be tricky. Perhaps you find it difficult to decide what is the right bag for you – the colour, the size, the model etc. Preferably, you would like something that can be used every day but also make a fashion statement while wearing it. Whether it’s a Lady Dior, a Chanel classic handbag or a Birkin bag, you need to choose carefully according to your style and taste but also the price you’re willing to pay. Here are some of the most iconic statement bags you could get this fall. 

Words by Alexandra Yassin

Photo Credit: Fendi Instagram


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