We're Hungry For Hungry: A Drag Queen From Another World

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

You’re scrolling through Instagram and what do you see: An alien creature? A being from beyond the stars? A Star Wars character in the flesh? No, you’ve not been teleported to Tatooine: this alienesque creature is real.

What you see before you is an imagination far beyond anything you’ve scrolled past, visualised in the most captivating form of drag. This visual insanity you see before you is Hungry, known as @isshehungry on Instagram. Through her artistic creations you see an alternate reality: explained on her website as a reality where ‘a human body was forced to adapt to new surroundings’ therefore humanity has adapted a new visual identity. No longer human, but at the same time still holding onto humanity, Hungry creates believable illusions of self titled ‘distorted drag’.

Over 4 years ago Hungry started her journey to the stars, creating a name for herself as an intergalactic individual who expresses herself through various types of performance such as; make up, photography, modelling, stage performance and more. Her talents and imagination surpass many who claim the word individuality as their own, reminding us to not be afraid to express who we are.

She has amassed a large following on social media of people who are captivated by her dramatic and otherworldly creations. Next time you think your blue eyeshadow is too much, be sure to remind yourself that this Berlin-based artist would tell you to go for it. Listening to the ill will of the negatives is something we’re sure Hungry wouldn’t pay attention to. Collaborating with Bjork on her album 'Utopia', Hungry is continuing to rise with her talents, creating a successful career from her creativity.

Hungry is a beacon of the strange and unusual but beautiful that this world needs: for all the creative kids out there debating whether to unleash their thoughts onto themselves visually: to start painting a character on their face or to discard gender norms. Hungry gives off an aura of rebellion and excitement: ‘Drag is a megaphone. It's not only a voice, it's an echo that will get you heard’. (www.isshehungry.com/interview)

Hungry has reminded us to stay creative, stay individual and stay fierce.

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