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I’m Over It Now - A Story of Emotions by Studio Voir

Delving into your past isn’t always a good thing when it comes exes, but this ‘ex’ cover is definitely one to cause a stir. Talking to the Voir creative director, Luke Walwyn we found out more about the spectacular issue 17 cover.

Luke: For the shoot we wanted to create a story of the emotional stages of a breakup as a backdrop to the fashion. Chloe Jasmine was ideal for this role as we required a large element of method acting. She had to bring believable emotions to this shoot so that the reader could identify with each stage and create a truly captivating and believable performance for the cover of Voir. Chloe Jasmine really conveyed the emotions in such a raw way that it was totally believable. We were almost living and breathing every emotion she was feeling.

Here is each stage of a breakup as told by Studio Voir and the meticulous, Miss Jasmine.

1. The Breakup -

Chloe was feeling raw emotions and was therefore able to convey those feeling to the camera.

2. Shock -

Clever makeup and a convincing gaze captured this mood.

3. Anguish -

The polaroids and the empty bottle really emphasise the feeling of anguish along with Chloe’s body language.

4. Anger -

This was a frightening performance from Chloe who managed to nail the emotion of anger and a woman consumed with rage.

5. Revenge -

With the help of Noah Sparnon, Chloe was able to play a beguiling role armed with a wry smile

6. Rebound -

A gaze of indifference nailed the rebound scene which became a masterstroke of emotions.

7. Over-indulgence -

Chloe confidently introduces an element of playfulness to a spending spree of comfort.

8. Freedom to be me -

It was Chloe who played with the dynamics of the location and on the giant window sills to introduce the element of 'freedom' from the constraints of a suffocating relationship.

9. Totally Over It -

Laughter and playfulness again captured the essence of the emotion of being over a breakup.

10. Here’s to the Future -

Chloe had so much fun with props and accessories to introduce the message of looking forward to a new life.


Starring: Chloe Jasmine Whichello & Noah Sparnon

Concept & Styling: Jyoti Matoo

Photography & Art Direction: Luke Walwyn

Menswear Styling: Carl Denby

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