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3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Milan Fashion Week: An Appraisal

3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Milan Fashion Week: An Appraisal

Milan Fashion Week SS19 intro

We’ve selected some of our favourites from Milan Fashion Week that have given us some great ideas for Spring/Summer 2019. Let’s begin!

Milan Fashion Week SS19 looks

Alberto Zambelli’s Spring/Summer 19 show was inspired by an Italian sculptor Antonio Canova which was evident throughout the collection. Dresses with visuals of stone sculptures, combined with the exploration of how white mutates into a plethora of shades made for an interesting show. Silver ruffles, iridescent layers and silky fabrics draped over the models made them look as if they were beautifully carved marble creations themselves. This collection overall has provided us with an elegant direction for spring and we’re truly inspired.

Alberto Zambelli SS19

Albino Teodoro gave us some extremely on trend prints: tartan and stripes paired with bold navy blue, deep red with dashes of pastels made for a simple but extremely wearable collection. The ruffles gave us aesthetic design details, some silhouettes voluminous but elegant and contemporary. This stylish take on spring gave us beautifully tailored suits and a wonderful colour palette, showing us florals aren’t always the way to go and that spring can hold bold shades just as well as any other season.

Albino Teodoro SS19

A concoction of warm earthy tones, denim and embroidered flower dresses hit the runway at Fendi. We were presented with transparent PVC garments with brown detailing, orange decals sporting the Fendi logo were perfectly placed on sports-like shorts and bras. Pleated skirts and graceful floral spring time dresses provided a perfect balance of stylish street wear and elegant touches.

Fendi SS19

A beautiful springtime colour palette of blues, yellows, whites and a hint of black showed us that pastels paired with darker tones creates a highly wearable range of garments. Jil Sander came through with a collection of woollen dresses, oversized shirts and pleated skirts, spring has never looked so classically stylish. Looking for a sleek, contemporary look for spring 19? Jil Sander has it in the bag.

Jil Sander SS19

Max Mara gave us coats, coats and more coats…and we loved it! A plethora of different styles of trench coat wondered the runway: in bright yellow, brown, navy and white we got another colour scheme that we’re obsessed with. Avant-garde sleeves gave interesting silhouettes to some of the collections coats, whilst others were nipped in at the waist and the sleeves pulled up to the elbow offering a flattering silhouette. Classy and effortlessly stylish, Max Mara has come through with another wonderful collection.

Max Mara SS19

Edgy and chic: N°21 showed a collection that would surely have heads turning. Opaque PVC and patent leather fabrics in the form of dresses and coats were complimented with harnesses of diamonds giving us a rich luxe feel. Along with black, white and beige this collection boasted bright pinks and deep emerald greens. Coats that had interest in their silhouettes were complimented with classy dresses over the top of white t-shirts giving us an edgy 90’s vibe which we’re subscribing to.


Alberta Ferretti showed a collection of flouncy spring dresses, looks that mimicked a relaxed explorer vibe. Cropped jackets, sandals and cargo-style trousers gave us casual but stylish looks. Ferretti’s spring dresses had an air of elegance about them: in a variety of colours they floated down the runway, the pastel ones giving off spring day vibes, whilst the black sheer dresses ooze sex appeal. This collection gives us a lot to choose from and we’re loving the choice.

Alberta Ferretti SS19

Stay tuned for more appraisals.

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