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3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Newport Street Gallery Shows Its “True Colours”

3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Newport Street Gallery Shows Its “True Colours”

The possibilities of colour are endless: it can draw you in and push you away, evoking emotion through every shade.

As fortune would have it, Newport Street Gallery is hosting an exhibition featuring artists who investigate colour. Whilst being different in terms of how they use their media, they all have colour in common.


The works of Helen Beard, Sadie Laska and Boo Saville feature in this exhibition entitled ‘True Colours’. Presenting over 50 of their pieces, this exhibition is the largest any of them have done. We are thankful they’ve been given this opportunity to showcase their work, as they each have something unique to offer.

Boo Saville: newportstreetgallery.com

Helen Beard portrays sexual encounters through a palette of immense colour. Her work is an array of depictions that drift from realism: abstract shapes provide us with an interesting representation of gender, eroticism and sexual psychology. Brush strokes are visible, but the shapes create a smooth feel to her work.

Helen Beard: newportstreetgallery.com

Using painting and collage, Sadie Laska is able to suggest the nonconformist artistic aesthetic of her current base New York. She often incorporates recycled items and objects she’s found in her work, envisioning an expressively bold texture about her pieces. A member of I.U.D, an underground drum-based band, her work holds the same rebellious spirit as her music.

Sadie Laska: newportstreetgallery.com

Boo Saville has been producing large-scale abstract pieces since 2014. Her works are perfect gradients of colour: flawless sections of rainbow that are created from up to 40 layers of paint, but with no evidence of mark making. Her works are layers of emotion and memory, representations of momentary thought.

Boo Saville: newportstreetgallery.com

If you’re interested in visiting, the ‘True Colours’ exhibition is running up until 16th September ’18 – there’s still time!

More information can be found here: https://www.newportstreetgallery.com/exhibition/true-colours-helen-beard-sadie-laska-boo-saville/

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