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4 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Urban MakeUp Art-istry

4 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Urban MakeUp Art-istry

Urban Decay will soon be launching their limited edition Basquiat x Urban Decay collaboration. The campaign boasts a tag line that perfectly highlights its goal, “Art as makeup. Makeup as art.” The late Jean-Michel Basquiat was a huge influence during the late 70’s and 80’s with his abstract and figurative pieces of art that tackled cultural and political issues.

Urban Decay x Basquiat campaign intro

As his career progressed, Basquiat collaborated with fellow pop artist Andy Warhol, appeared in Blondie’s music video for ‘Rapture’ and dated a young unknown aspiring singer, someone you may know called… Madonna? His unique pieces have been shown in countless art exhibitions and now his legacy lives on through the collaboration with Urban Decay. The artist’s post-punk image has become the inspiration behind the new line from UD.

Basquiat x Urban Decay collaboration1
Basquiat x Urban Decay collaboration2
Basquiat x Urban Decay collaboration3
Basquiat x Urban Decay collaboration4

Basquiat x Urban Decay collaboration5

See more from the Urban Decay x Basquiat collaboration HERE


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