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5 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Making Beauty More Beautiful

5 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Making Beauty More Beautiful

The Stylish World of Margot Elena

We all love treating our bodies and skin to a little T.L.C every so often. It’s such a refreshing way to relax and wind down after a hectic week. Well Voir has found the perfect new spa collection that looks after your body, mind and soul from the amazing Margot Elena.

“Making Beauty More Beautiful”, Margot Elena is an internationally-recognised perfumer and designer with an extensive library of luxury brands that beautifully balance design, fragrance and formulation. With experience in creating bath & body products for over 20 years, Margot successfully embodies the beauty, wisdom and simple goodness of Mother Nature in each and every one of her products. And if the sound of that doesn’t already entice you, the packaging of each of her collections certainly will!

Margot Elena Illustrated products

Orchestrating the blends of her natural ingredients into the charming packaging, Margot infuses her signature style and passion into each and every product.

Crafted in Colorado, her bath and body collections include names such as; Lollia, TokyoMilk, Love & Toast and Library of Flowers and now her new addition

that is The Cottage Greenhouse. This latest addition offers 5 core collections of treatments that feature fresh and wholesome ingredients with even more delicious scents.

The collections include sun-sweetened scrubs, lotions and luxurious, nutrient-rich masks, each filled with an assortment of 98% natural ingredients including fruits, vegetables and herbs. A complete tribute to the ritual of self care, The Cottage Greenhouse invites you to bask in even more curiosity and whimsical modern romance that Margot Elena brings to the world of beauty.

The Cottage Greenhouse Relaxation Kit
The Cottage Greenhouse Carrot & Neroli Body Wash
Library of Flowers The Forest Perfumed Creme
Tokyo Milk Body Creme


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